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Editor: I was not surprised to see Urban go- disappointed, but not surprised. I thought Urban was better than this, I thought he had a lot of dignity. He proved me wrong. He showed me IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Not only did he bail out on his team after only two seasons, he even passed up his “dream job” because Florida offered, big surprise, MORE MONEY.

The boys start out the show with Johnny McKeon complaining about Twitter and Sascha admits to still trying to figure out how it works. Johnny breaks the news that Twinkies will be back on shelves in soon as July. Johnny finds it ludicrous how big of an uproar occurred over Twinkies. Sascha informs Johnny about Dubai’s Police department getting a fleet of brand new Lamborghini’s. Johnny is surprised at Sascha’s dislike of action movie star Tom Cruise.
A crew team finds a gigantic head floating in the middle of the Hudson River. Sascha and Johnny form a bet about Notre Dame Linebacker Manti T’eo getting drafted in the first round. Johnny thinks it’s guaranteed but Sascha is skeptical. Loser of the bet has to eat canned peanut butter sandwiches from Wal-Mart. Stay tuned next week to find out who chows down on Ol’ Ute Radio.
PETA buys shares in Sea World in order to control its policy and shareholder meetings. First order of business is the release of Corky the Killer Whale. Sascha shares his breeding tips from his amateur Goldfish breeding business. The boys talk playoffs and Johnny laments the dismal playoff performance of the Boston Celtics and Sascha makes his picks for who is going to the finals.
Ol’ Ute Radio had its first call in guest with Salt Lake City comedian Jay Whittaker. Jay is headlining at Wiseguys Comedy Club in West Valley, Utah. Jay talks about his experiences opening for Patrice O’Neal and the reason why he started doing comedy.
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The Comedy Cubicles Comedian of the Week is Steven Wright. Steven Wright is most often recognized as the guy on the couch in the movie, “Half Baked”. Steven has won one Grammy for his hit comedy album, “I have a Pony” and one Oscar for his short film, “The Appointments of Dennis Jennings.”
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