OUR_Ep.98_Nirvana’s lead belly and Rivals.com_Michelle Bodkin

December has become virtually synonymous with stress in many students’ minds. “Christmas break is coming, and I’m just thinking about getting done and having finals over with,” said U computer engineering turned undeclared major Jonathan Benson. Many U students, like Benson, are faced with a high level of pressure due to a number of factors including world events, the current state of the economy, an increasingly competitive job market, an often difficult race to register for the next semester, and, of course, the looming promise of Finals Week.

Episode 98 of ‘OUR,’ begins with your hosts Rebecca and Sascha filling you in on what’s going on at the University of Utah. They give details about upcoming events, opportunities for free food and ways to get involved and make the most of your college experience. Afterwards, the two play through some good music as they comment on different covers of a few of their favorite songs. You’ll hear Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Lead Belly, Nirvana and more. It’s a good listen guaranteed.
Following their music session, Sascha and Rebecca welcome back their friend and repeat guest Michelle Bodkin of rivals.com. The group starts out their Utah Football segment by sharing thoughts on the new white helmet/uniform unveil and then Michelle gets right into it talking shop. They touch on the game against Fresno State and everyone makes predictions for the upcoming game against Michigan. If you love college football and have gotten a little behind on the Utes, you don’t want to skip this one. To stay even more up-to-date, follow Michelle on Twitter and Instagram @mbodkinrivals