Songfest Brings Back the Energy


(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

At first, it looked like 30 guys were about to work out at the gym.
Decked out in full tracksuits, the Beta Theta Pi fraternity arranged themselves on stage and waited for the music. Suddenly, the Union Ballroom was overtaken by loud base music and the choreographed dance moves of the fraternity members. Under the tracksuits were t-shirts for other Greek chapters on campus, which won loud applause.
The annual Songfest competition took place on Thursday with thirteen sororities and fraternities dancing and singing to lyrics that all contained some reference to the Homecoming “Believe in U” theme. Chapters used lyrics from popular music but added in shout-outs to other chapters and events at the U. Beta Theta Pi won first place out of the fraternities, and Delta Gamma won first for the sororities.
Songfest is one of the oldest Homecoming traditions at the U. Ambra Jackson, a junior in communication and one of the vice presidents for Greek life programming, said Songfest allows students to tell their story through whatever song they like.
Emily Packham, an undeclared freshman, enjoyed the event.
“I think it’s funny, and it is definitely loud, but entertaining,” she said.
Songfest featured confetti cannons, as well as twerking and money-throwing. Some fraternity members removed their shirts during their performances. Some sorority members screamed, which caused a few parents to file out after the first three performances. Still, the ballroom was filled with a couple hundred people; the majority of the crowd were from the Greek chapters.
Although the competition is open to any student group, only Greek chapters competed this year as they have in the past. Following the loud lyrics and pounding feet of Songfest was the Crimson Rally just outside the Union on the lawn.
Loud music blared from speakers for students to dance to as vendors gave away free food. The pre-Homecoming event featured a performance from the U’s marching band. Aaron Jeffers, a freshman in mechanical engineering, is in the U Marching Band and said not that many people were at the Crimson Rally.
“Everyone seems to be in a trance right now. I’m not feeling the energy,” he said. “But marching band will hopefully change that.”
The rally also featured a “Crazy Lady Dance-Off.” Four girls volunteered to dance, and the crowd cheered on their favorite for the win.
Just before 9 p.m., head football coach Kyle Whittingham, along with several players from the team, took to the stage to talk to the crowd. Whittingham commended the fans.
“The MUSS is what makes Rice-Eccles stadium have that atmosphere on game day,” he said.
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