Editor’s Note, March 2015


Jameson Clifton

(Photo by Jameson Clifton)

(Photo by Jameson Clifton)
(Photo by Jameson Clifton)

March gets a bad rap, and I blame it on Julius Caesar.

The man was stabbed a few times (23 times, to be exact) back in March of 44 B.C., and everyone is still afraid of the month because of it. But really, there’s a lot to love about March. For one thing, it’s not February.

And I bet you didn’t know March is National Frozen Food Month (that’s too good to make up). It also has Self-Injury Awareness Day (March 1), Middle Name Pride Day (March 10), and George Clooney Appreciation Day (OK, I did make that last one up).

But the best part, especially for college students, is Spring Break, starting on March 14. So forget about all of this “beware the ides of March” nonsense, and check out what adventures we have in store for you to make the most of this month and your time off from school.

In this issue of Wasatch Magazine, we’ve got different trip options designed for students on budgets ranging from $50 to $275, and a freebie for cheapskates like me. There’s also gear reviews to help you get outfitted for whatever outdoor travel plans you have.

With this “Spring Break guide” you, too, can have fun this March. Et tu, Brute?

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