Fun Facts About Friday The 13th



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This Friday is the second consecutive Friday the 13th. SPOOKY, RIGHT?

In honor of this weird day, we’ve put together a list of some cool facts to shed some light on the holiday, its superstitions, and anything else “13” related we can think of.
1. So, one theory about when the date began to be feared is because in the 1300s, King Philip IV raided the homes of Knights Templar and charged thousands of men with illegal activity.
2. Others believe it comes from more of a religious background. Many believe the 13th guest at The Last Supper was the one who betrayed Jesus Christ. Then, the next day, a Friday, he was crucified.
3. For those of you that believe Tupac actually died, it was on FRIDAY THE 13TH. #um
4. Because of this fear, many hotels don’t have a 13th floor, and many airlines don’t have a 13th row. I mean, better safe than sorry, I guess.
5. There’s been an estimated $900 million revenue loss on Friday the 13th because people don’t go about business as they normally would on this day.
There you have it, guys. Beware of your surroundings this Friday as you depart for your spring break festivities…. and avoid all ladders and black cats, just in case.