Locating the Best Eats on Campus

Burger and Fries
A burger and fries inside the U Union food court on Friday, Jun. 16, 2015. (Rishi Deka, Daily Utah Chronicle)

The U boasts a 1,534-acre campus, which means there is plenty of space for some prime food spots. Dining options are spread all over campus, from grab-and-go food stops to cafes with a view. Here are some of the best places for a bite to eat on the U campus.

Union Food Court

The University Union is a hub of student life with a multitude of food choices and areas to enjoy. The food court offers a variety of casual options, from grab-and-go sandwiches or wraps, to Panda Express and Einstein’s bagels. Students can also supplement their meal with a smoothie from Jamba Juice. This is a good dining option for those who can’t make up their mind and want a little bit of everything.

Crimson View

For those looking for a step up, literally and figuratively, from the food court, Crimson View is located on the fourth floor of the Union building. This is a restaurant with large windows and a great view across the valley toward the Oquirrh mountains. The food is American fare but with a slightly more gourmet quality than the food you find two floors down. The three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich is gooey, hot and delicious, and served with a creamy tomato basil soup. For the meat eaters, there are burgers, cold cut sandwiches and a classic french dip.

Two Creek Coffeehouse

This coffee shop is located in the Frederick A. Sutton building, home of the U’s geology department. This means there are lots of cool rocks, fossils and other artifacts to browse while you’re there. The coffee shop itself offers coffee beverages and grab-and-go foods. They sell Rico’s burritos, sandwiches and chocolate croissants that are heavenly if you pop them in the conveniently located microwave. The staff is always friendly and just as excited as you are when you finish your punch card and get a free drink.


The Student Life Center, located next to the Marriott Honors dorms, has a lot to offer. One of the best offerings is the small cafe located on the main level. Whether you’ve just finished a workout or enjoy watching those who have, Freshen’s is a great place to plant yourself for some lunch. Freshen’s offers crepes, smoothies and made-to-order rice bowls. There is ample seating throughout the main level and outside the building on a sunny day.

Tony Caputo’s Deli

This popular downtown deli and market has a location on the U campus. Tucked inside the recently built Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities building, just east of the Language and Communications building, it is a hidden gem. Tony Caputo’s offers meaty Italian sandwiches, salads, soups and coffee beverages. A half sandwich is plenty and costs around 5 dollars. Try the Caputo sandwich for a satisfying meal piled high with salami, cheese and veggies.

Whether you’re on the run from class to class or you have a few hours to kill, there are plenty of delicious dining options wherever you may find yourself on campus.

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