U Student Aarati Ghimire Takes Social Work to New Places

U Student Aarati Ghimire Takes Social Work to New Places

When Aarati Ghimire left Nepal six years ago, she knew that she would bring the experiences she gained there to the United States.

During the first month of her internship, Ghimire, a senior in social work, worked in an orphanage where she met a girl who helped her realize what she was doing was right.

“She reminds me of my privileges every day, plus the power and need of love and care in the world,” Ghimire said.

Though she has been away from Nepal for six years, Ghimire has seen the effects of civil war, earthquakes and political strife in the nation.

“Born and raised in Nepal, a country that has suffered so much, I understand the need of service and want to share my experience,” she said.

Ghimire decided to go to Nepal’s countryside where the effects of crisis were the worst. Through the College of Social Work and the Hinckley Institute of Politics, Ghimire interned with the international program Choice Humanitarian.

“What is unique about Aarati’s situation is that she was born in Nepal and moved to the U.S.,” said Courtney McBeth, associate director at the Hinckley Insitute. “She chose to return to serve her people in this capacity. Watching students like [her] return to their country and reconnect through work and service is incredibly inspiring.”

For three months, Ghimire furnished schools and worked as a translator. She networked with an orphanage, visited it frequently and was able to place carpets in two of their rooms.

“I will keep continue working with the community with service project as opportunities arise,” Ghimire said. “I am always seeking for new experience and new opportunities in service field and community work.”

Though her internship is finished, Ghimire’s mission isn’t. She plans on studying and practicing social work throughout her last month as an undergraduate, her upcoming years as a graduate student and for her career.

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