Tegan and Sara Will Bring Fun & Fearlessness

Tegan and Sara Will Bring Fun & Fearlessness

By Lauren Gutierrez

They have garnered recognition for being uniquely themselves in their pursuit of music and for being fearless in their social and political advocacy.

Tegan and Sara’s new album “Love You to Death,” released earlier this year, speaks to their indie pop sound, esteem for 80s-style music and reverence for the great eccentric artists that came before them.

The album features the song “Boyfriend,” about wanting to reveal a secret desire felt for a close friend who happens to have a boyfriend. It is a love song that is relatable to anyone who has ever lived. As champions for the LGBT community, Tegan and Sara have created a song that, when put into the mainstream, serves to reaffirm that the experiences of the those in that community are valid and real.

The song “Faint of Heart” is an ode to the unconventional artists of the 1980s like Prince, Madonna and David Bowie. It is a message to young people to accept love into their hearts and to not care if anyone thinks their love is dangerous or reckless because as the song says, “real love is tough.”

These Canadian twin sisters have been making music since their days of creating demos in their high school’s recording studio and traveling by car and public transport to take their show on the road. They have consistently released stellar studio albums since 1999 and have gone on tour with the likes of The Black Keys, Death Cab for Cutie and Katy Perry.

Tegan and Sara are back on tour and will be performing at In The Venue, 219 S 600 W Salt Lake City, Sept. 22, at 6:30 p.m. http://www.inthevenueslc.com/

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