Marriott Library’s Drop-In Print Session


The process of printing has a long history.  Letterpress is one of the earliest methods known as relief printing. The type of print is similar to a rubber stamp, except the results are much more impressive, involving these grand machines. The Book Arts Program is opening a session for the public to give you a chance to see this very process and even experience letterpress yourself by creating your very own greeting card. This is an amazing opportunity to look at the studio’s antique letterpress machines in action. The Book Arts Program has a variety of printing plates that will be pre-inked, so you can enjoy layering with different designs and colors to design your personal greeting card.

The wonderful hand-printed cards will be available for purchase for $5 a card or 3 for $10. All sales will help the Book Arts Program, but their main goal is to show the public their amazing studio and to showcase the other community workshops, events and exhibitions they hold. It is alsoa  great chance to meet the staff and learn the whole process of letterpress.

The drop-in session will be held Friday, Nov. 11 at 1-8 p.m. in the print studio on the fourth level of the J. Willard Marriott Library. There is plenty of time for you to come have some fun with printing and experience this early form of communication. Come with friends, family or whoever to seize this great opportunity–the Book Arts Program can’t wait to say hello.

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