Submissions Requested: The Block Film & Art Festival

Filmmakers and artists: listen up! Organizers of Logan’s The Block Film & Art Festival are requesting entries.

Part of the 6th annual Logan Film Festival, The Block Film & Art Festival is meant to feature specifically local and student films and artwork. There are six categories for these entries: features, shorts, documentaries, animations, exhibits and installations. Each year, The Block features an average of 45 selected films. All of which are given official recognition for having been selected.

As a major component of this festival, filmmakers and artists are asked to personally represent their work by having at least one filmmaker or artist for a piece attending in person, or being available for an online audience Q&A session.

To be considered for the shorts category, films must be 45 minutes or less. Features cover everything longer.

Students and locals are eligible for discounts on the submission fee. Students attending high school or college recieve a 40 percent discount. There is a separate discount for those in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada by entering the code UTAHN17 and proof of residency.

Submissions have been accepted since Feb. 6 and will continue to be accepted until July 31. Submission information can be found here.

[email protected]