Groesbeck: Sweater Weather, Mastering the Transition From Summer to Fall

By Ren Groesbeck

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The transition from summer into fall presents a fashion challenge. The mornings are especially chilly but in the afternoon, the long-sleeves, sweaters and jackets are too hot to get around campus or stroll the town.

Relying on layering to get through the colder seasons is essential. The more layering, the more you can take off or put back on depending on the given temperature by the time of day.

As soon as the weeks of 90-plus degree weather are over, the 45 to 70 degree weather becomes perfect for walking around campus without dying of heat and sweating through our cute summer clothes. Of course, for the people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) like me, this is a love-hate situation. We love the ability to wear more clothing, therefore meaning a higher chance of making a fashion statement. But we hate the rewiring of our brains telling us that since the weather is colder and the sun sets sooner, nothing matters. Combat this feeling by dressing in what helps you feel good about yourself, a sure-fire way to boost mood.


Corduroy jackets, denim jackets, chunky sweaters, tights under shorts/skirts/dresses and knee-high socks are just a few ways to embrace the cold weather and look good while doing it. Layer sweaters over button-downs or even a button-down over a dress. Another way to combat the effects of SAD is to pet nice dogs. Oh, and do not forget, a little sun exposure to the retinas in our eyes is scientifically proven to help our brains not feel so down.


Cardigans are unexpectedly versatile. Wear them buttoned, open, slung or tied around the waist. According to London Fashion Week, cardigans are anything but straightforward. Wear socks with sandals, but make sure it doesn’t look like you are going on a hike in the woods. Try wearing a trench coat open, keep it loose and effortless. Layering sheer over other clothing items will really give you some fashion points. Go for a clean button-down white shirt, cropped pants and a sheer dress on top.


Anyone can try a form-fitting thermal tied around your waist or throw it in a backpack. It can be easily worn under any summer button-down shirt to stay warm in the cool temps. Wearing tailored cropped trousers and sleek boots is an underrated classic look in this town. Slinging a camera and a camera bag around your shoulders will give you that extra umph that makes people think they should respect you and that you are super cool. To appear extra artsy, stick a little notebook in your pocket to jot down thoughts and ideas.

It is exciting to be bold, to dress ourselves uniquely. The phrase “look good, feel good,” works and drastically changes how we feel about ourselves.

Campus and street styles are invigorating. People are different in every way and paying attention to details of what people are wearing is rather entertaining. Curated fashion is art. And who knows, there is a chance you might be featured on street-style Instagram accounts.

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