The Trashcan Sinatras Have Seen It All, So Come See Them Perform

By Madge Slack

The Trashcan Sinatras have been through quite a lot since the beginning in 1987. The first two albums the group released included chart-topping songs, and promised an illustrious career for these Scots. However, doom loomed on the horizon when their American distributors declined to release their third album. So while Japan and the UK got to listen to their unique blend of witty and delicate writing, we in America did not. The tragedy did not end here. In 1996, their label was acquired by Universal and they were dropped. This forced them to sell their recording studio and declare bankruptcy.

The Scottish have never exactly been known for giving up — and this plucky band from Irvine, Scotland, is no different. They have returned for their biggest tour in decades after 30 years together and with over 100 songs. Their latest album, “Wild Pendulum,” was released in 2016. It is the sixth in the line of perseverance that has been their career. All is not exactly as it was however. In 2009, they acquired a new bass player, Frank DiVanna. 

Their music has a feel-good style to it. The lyrics are deep and interesting listen to, with a light tune that lends itself to the feeling of a summer day. One of the songs “Ain’t That Something” sounds as though it would fit well on an episode of “Friends.” Their vibe is low-key, yet also uplifting. 

Come see the Trashcan Sinatras at Metro on Oct. 17. They are a fantastic band that knows what they are doing and have been around for quite a while. If you like The Beatles, you will like them as well. They perform at 6 p.m. and all ages are welcome. The event will be seated and tickets are $20 here.

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