Date Night at Pumpkin Nights


Holly Vasic

Glow in the dark pumpkin display at Pumpkin Nights

By Holly Vasic

Pumpkin Nights is a great October family outing or even a date night.

The pumpkins created an oddly romantic scene: the flickering candle lights and reflection off the water makes the site beautiful for lovers. A few steps away stands a haunted house, a good excuse to get close and cling to your date. If a few jump scares are just too much, continue down the path without going through the haunt.

From family and friends, to budding romances ready to wed, Pumpkin Nights is a genuinely entertaining event for everybody. Each display immerses you in a different scene. A cave of spider webs to give you the creepy crawlies, as it looks like a set straight from “Children of the Corn.” For younger children, there’s a little hay maze or digging for mini pumpkins which they can take home.

For a seasonal treat, grab a Pumpkin Nitro from Wasatch Brewery, or a pumpkin spice latte for those who are underage. Try a pumpkin spice churro, and don’t forget to the pumpkin pie – all surprisingly delicious for simple fair food. You can also make a dinner out of it with a turkey leg from the Hawaiian Vilovilo Chicken food truck.

Pumpkin Nights knows how to capture the spirit of Halloween, with or without the horror. If any of the attractions are too intense, the more tame attractions are a short walk away. Watching a professional pumpkin carver work on giant pumpkins is one of the non-spooky activities and a unique experience. A few hours can be easily spent with all of the activities and experiences they have going on so don’t forget to dress warmly.

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