Nosaj Thing Comes to Sale Lake City

By Jaycen Eggleston

On Thursday Oct. 19, Los Angeles-based artist Nosaj Thing will be playing at Metro Music Hall as part of his Parallels Tour — showcasing his new album of the same name that came out on Sept. 8.

Nosaj Thing is known for his work with Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and many other acclaimed rap artists. His music is ethereal and futuristic with an emotional focus that doesn’t flow from the lyrics, compared to many mainstream artists’ works. The headlining track of his new album, “All Points Back to U,” has a repetitive beat building up to the climax where the chorus would usually be. The track starts with a typical verse, then descends into the repetition of “it all points back to you.” The lyrics convey an important message, but because they are repetitive in a more obvious way than the cymbal and synthesized bass in the backing track, the music behind the lyrics becomes the driving force to the entire track. There’s more of an emotional resonance to the song through its sound that tells them that no matter what, actions have consequences. The message would be just words without the upbeat melody and deep, hypnotizing beat.

“Parallels” has a fascinating energy that draws people in throughout the entire album, making it seem like no time has passed at all. It’s easy to move from track to track, because of its seamless progression. Each track begins with a similar element to the previous one, be it an emotional tie or using a percussive similarity to continue along the same musical path.

Nosaj Thing will be sure to captivate his audience through his unique styling and emotional honesty. Tickets for the concert can be found online for $18 and booths can be rented for $30. All guests must be 21 or over to get into the Metro Music Hall.

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