Weyward Sisters Are Anything But Normal

Actresses Betsy West (Leandra), Ali Lente (Skye) and Tamara Howell (Floon) in Weyward Sisters

Robert Holman

Actresses Betsy West (Leandra), Ali Lente (Skye) and Tamara Howell (Floon) in Weyward Sisters

By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor

Shakespeare nerds and Halloween fanatics alike will be sure to love Pygmalion Theatre Company’s “The Weyward Sisters.” It is a play based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The production will have you laughing and engaged the entire time. If you’re like me, you’ll walk out of the show having learned something new.

Director Jeremy Chase wanted to show the behind the scenes part of putting on a production with his newest work. This was reflected not only in the impressive script but the simple set as well. For those that haven’t seen a production at the Rose Wagner Black Box theater before, the seats are almost on the stage itself. This setting allowed the audience to be truly immersed in the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the Weyward Sisters. The props are utilized well and the sound effects, although hard to make out at times, work well too.

The most remarkable part of the production is the script. It is indeed filled with inside jokes that someone who isn’t familiar with Shakespeare might not understand, but more so, it’s filled with witty banter and humor that everyone can enjoy. There’s an undeniable chemistry between the three Weyward Sisters: Leandra, Skye, and Fioon.

The actresses Betsy West (Leandra), Ali Lente (Skye) and Tamara Howell (Fioon) interact so well together that it’s hard to imagine they are not real sisters. From the moment they enter the stage to the moment they leave, the bond between the sisters is ever-present. The actresses bring the show to life and carry the production. They maintained a certain poise and confidence as they went through a tumultuous script, making it their own and keeping the audience engaged with their unique portrayals. They spoke in common British lingo, and there were several tongue twister situations that had a striking resemblance to witch incantations.

Perhaps the only downfall of the production was that as an audience member, you want more. There are several cuts in the show since it all occurs in one room. Despite the introduction scene, there were instances where you felt lost. If you aren’t somewhat knowledgeable about Shakespeare and theatre, then you’ll feel like you’re missing an inside joke.

Overall, this show is spectacular and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see West, Lente, and Howell in action. The Weyward Sisters are anything but normal. They’re entertaining, a bit nerdy and delightfully weird.

The show is running from Nov. 3-18 at the Rose Wagner Theatre. Tickets can be purchased in advance at artsaltlake.org/production/the-weyward-sisters/.