An All American Artist Works for Two Nights Exclusively in SLC

By Madge Slack

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company presents a brand new show. “Strata” promises to be a night of intrigue with the return of groundbreaking choreographer Alwin Nikolas. Nikolas creates multimedia pieces both unique and inspiring. In fact, his work has influenced groups like Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Momix and Pilobolus.

“Strata,” the latest work by this groundbreaking Choreographer, will be presented in four parts. They are titled “Crucible”, “Tensile Involvement”, “Gallery” and “Mechanical Oregon”. If the names of these pieces aren’t interesting enough to entice you, then I don’t know what will. How can he possibly combine so many different topics into one cohesive show?

The previews feature a variety of movements, an eclectic set of costumes and a very diverse group of stories. Ririe-Woodbury started in 1964 with two contemporary dancers dedicated to creating an accessible platform for contemporary dance. The company is not stuffy in educating their audiences on the meaning of high art. They are a group of contemporary dancers that love movement, want to explore the world and share their experiences. Currently, they are the only company worldwide allowed to perform entire shows of this particular choreographer’s works. It is an extremely rare opportunity to view the work of an all-American choreographer.

“Strata” will run Feb. 2-3 at 7.30 both nights. The tickets are $35 for regular admission, but only $15 for students. There are no triggers whatsoever and you are unlikely to see something like this ever again. Branch out, maybe you’ll like it.

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