Adding Green Flair to Dating


Adam Fondren

Transportation in and and around the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 (Photo by Adam Fondren | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Jaycen Eggleston

Dating is difficult enough without the added struggle of driving around downtown Salt Lake City. Luckily, the University of Utah is one of the best spots for couples looking to get around without a car. Take a hike, ride a bike, hop the train or ride a bus to add an artsy or green flair to traditional dates.

The university’s campus is full of artistic nooks surrounded by gorgeous trees ­— perfect for picnics or a lovely autumn stroll. Many of us think of dates as dinner and a movie, getting coffee or going skiing. Take the night one step further with a walk to The Pie or an excursion to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts or the Natural History Museum for great food and a scenic perspective.

Downtown Salt Lake City is full of interesting street art, from paintings and murals on the sides of shops and bus stops to quirky sculptures in front of buildings or bus stations. There’s no shortage of creativity in the city. Many of us miss out getting caught up in whether or not we can make a left turn, if it is one-way street or if that street we remember leads to that one place. Walking gives you the opportunity to get first date awkwardness out of the way, or you can spend time exploring new things with your significant other.

Salt Lake City is a bicycle-friendly city. Oftentimes, streets have a designated bike lane or wide shoulders. You can bring your own bike or take advantage of the SLC’s GREENbikes. Since Salt Lake City is a part of a clean air initiative, you and your date can ride public bikes from stop to stop or to any of the major streets, museums and businesses around town. Conveniently, most of the art found on the sidewalks outside of coffee shops, theaters and restaurants double as a bike rack. Once you’re done riding, the green bikes can be taken to any bike stop. Lock your bike up and enjoy exploring art and science through the beautiful exhibits at The Leonardo, then stop for coffee and a conversation about art, math or technology at Salt Lake Brewing Company. Take a chance on lesser-known galleries, museums or parks. Spend time among the statues in the Gilgal Sculpture Garden or poke into the myriad of funky shops littered around the city.

Too far or too cold to bike? Your UCard gets you on trains and buses for free, so take your date on an adventure. Sometimes we lose our sense of wonder for public transportation because we use it so regularly to get to work or class. Use its convenience to your advantage.

If you make the activity fun or memorable, it truly will not matter how you got there — it may even add to the magic. So try a date close by or take an outdoor adventure to make your date one to remember.

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