Football: Tuttle Acts As a Veteran Quarterback


Jose Remes

The University of Utah XX in an NCAA football game vs. The North Dakota Hawks in Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday,Aug.30, 2017 (Photo by Jose Remes | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Gianna Cefalu

The University of Utah football team has welcomed freshman quarterback and four-star recruit Jack Tuttle from Mission Hills, California, for its 2018 spring camp.

Tuttle knew he was destined to play quarterback ever since the third grade. He grew up a well-rounded athlete playing football for over 12 years in addition to basketball, lacrosse, baseball and soccer.

Tuttle’s road to the U wasn’t easy. Throughout his life, he has experienced the ups and downs that come with being a quarterback.

His first memory as a quarterback was dropping three snaps in a row, which Tuttle described as one of the worst experiences of his life. Looking back, he has grown immensely from it and that has since been a driving force for him to never give up.

Tuttle started his football career as left tackle, then worked his way up to quarterback. He constantly practiced football for five to six days a week.

Jack’s advice to aspiring Division I quarterbacks is to accept all the coaching you can, not get too frustrated and have faith in the process. He encourages young players to never stop, no matter how badly they want to. The key to success is to keep on pushing and to be resilient, because eventually, the hard work will pay off.

During the recruiting process, he heard offers from University of California, Alabama and Louisiana State University, but ultimately decided Utah was the school for him. The first visit he took to the U in December was more or less an eye-opener. 

“I came here to be pushed because I know Utah had one of the best defenses in the country as well as the defensive coaches,” Tuttle said. “I’m really stoked to be in this position right now and get that experience.”

Tuttle enjoys playing quarterback because he likes being a unifier and taking command of the team. Right now, he is enjoying the quarterback competition and the camaraderie he has with his teammates. The Utes offense has been working hard on and off the field this spring as they not only practice, but watch film after practice. In the upcoming season, Tuttle is looking forward to the excitement of winning, the opportunity to gain knowledge and the friendships he will build along the way.

“Tyler [Huntley] and I are teammates and brothers, so obviously we’re going to support each other and [try] to make each other better,” Tuttle said. “He’s a competitor, wants to win and is trying to push himself along with the rest of us.”

Although Tuttle expected the pace of spring ball to be faster than what he was used to, he felt calm and comfortable on that first day of practice.  

Head Coach Kyle Whittingham feels that as young as Tuttle is, he exemplifies everything a quarterback should be. Whittingham is impressed by Tuttle’s sharpness and ability to make good moves with the ball.  

“He is mature beyond his years,” Whittingham said. “You would think he is a 28-year-old veteran out there. He should still be in high school when you think about it, which is remarkable when you talk about what he is doing here, how he carries himself. He was voted on the leadership council after being here about a month, so that is a sign right there on what his teammates think of him. He has been as advertised and we are excited to see his development.”

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