Urban Art: “Star Wars Heroes and Villains”


(Photo by: Justin Prather / Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Marshall Falkner

The local art house Urban Arts Gallery has a new exhibit every month. This month, from May 1 to June 3, is “Star Wars Heroes and Villains.” Featuring works from local artists, these pieces are inspired by Star Wars and other pop culture properties like Marvel and D.C.

Most of the art on exhibit is abstract and includes replicas, statues, watercolor and stamp art. There are even remixes of older Renaissance paintings replaced by Star Wars characters. One of my favorites being a representation of the Sith leaders as Renaissance saints.

(Photo by: Justin Prather / Daily Utah Chronicle).

Aside from Star Wars inspired art, the Urban Arts Gallery has more permanent showcases by Patric Bates, Scott Tuckfield and Sugar Post. One of my favorite paintings wasn’t on display, but it was of a druid woman with an owl on her arm, which I assumed to be acrylic on canvas. My favorite piece of art from the Star Wars exhibition was a Buddha statue with a stormtrooper helmet. All of it was a gentle, pleasing blue-green. Another great piece was a stamp art of Rae from “The Force Awakens,” that can be seen on their Facebook page.

Some prints, postcards, stuffed animals, earrings, stickers and other accessories from local artists can be bought for a reasonable price.

(Photo by: Justin Prather / Daily Utah Chronicle).

Strolling the gallery with your family or a significant other would be perfect, even if you’re not a Star Wars fan. Honestly, not all of the art was my taste, but everyone has a preference, so maybe you’ll find the gallery more enjoyable.

The Urban Arts Gallery is currently moving into a new space, so it may be hard to find and seem unprofessional, but I think it added to the ambiance. 

(Photo by: Justin Prather / Daily Utah Chronicle).

If you miss this exhibit, next month’s will be “In Her Own Image,” which will feature art created by local female artists. “In Her Own Image” begins June 5 and runs until July 1.

Visit the Urban Arts Gallery website for more information: urbanartsgallery.org

Urban Arts Gallery is located at 116 S. Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

They are open from 12-8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 12-6 p.m. on Sundays. Closed Mondays.

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