Get Happy with Yappy Hour

By Marshall Falkner

If you think the farmers market doesn’t have enough dogs, boy do I have the festival for you.

“Yappy Hour” is a new event hosted by the city to promote dog adoption. Rescue Rovers, a volunteer-run non-profit working tirelessly to give all rescues a home, is supplying all of the adoptable pups. It’s a noble effort to give these dogs new homes, and if you are in the market for a new best friend, Yappy Hour is your perfect opportunity.

Now, what’s going to be at Yappy Hour, other than a dog or two?

Fun activities include food, drinks, booths and live music played by “The Puddle Mountain Ramblers,” a bluegrass band based in Utah. Some of the food trucks that will attend Yappy Hour include Pizza Cone Zone, Kona Ice, Monsieur Crepes UT and others. Pizza for lunch, crepes for dessert and shaved ice for the road. Can dogs have pizza? I hope so. Dogs deserve some pizza.

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If you are 21 or older, Proper Brewing Co. will be also in attendance, serving water and sparkling water … and beer. Beer will also be there. But remember, 21 and older — and this one I do know: dogs can’t have beer. It’s bad for their stomachs.

Salt Lake County Animal Services will also be at Yappy Hour to help with all of your chipping and licensing needs. It is odd that you need to register a dog like you would a car, but if you end up adopting they are there to help.

If adoption isn’t your speed, consider donating!

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Monetary Donations will be given to the “SLC Animal Services Injury Fund,” which helps out all of the injured pets out there (or at least in the greater Salt Lake Area). The event itself is free, but the food won’t be, so remember to bring money. If you have one, you are also welcome to bring your dog. Yappy Hour is going to be a very dog-friendly party.

If you don’t have a dog to bring along, just bring a friend or two to share the fun with. There’s nothing stopping you from having a wholesome dog watching date with your significant other.

Check out these dog-centric days and support your local dogs and dog lovers. See you at Yappy Hour!

August 13th, 6-9 pm: Liberty Park
September 13th, 6-9 pm: Fairmount Park

You can explore the Rescue Rovers website and visit their Facebook page for more information on Yappy Hour.

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