Celebrate Art with Arts Bash


courtesy University of Utah College of Fine Arts

By Adelina Whitten

The beginning of the semester marks a new year of fun. You’ll make new friends, go to parties and spend a whole lot of time at the University of Utah. Why not devote a mere three hours of your campus time to Arts Bash on Wednesday? It is a party, after all.

As arguably one of the largest art celebrations on the U of U campus, Arts Bash is pure momentum. Not only does the party offer free food, interactive art and live performances, but attendees also get to learn about all of the incredible art opportunities available to students. There are a lot of them, and all it takes is your UCard.

Arts Pass is the U’s program which offers hundreds of free or discounted tickets to arts events on campus. Students even receive special access to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, UtahPresents and Pioneer Theatre Company. Wednesday will feature a sneak peek of some of these experiences, including numbers from the Department of Theatre’s “CHESS,” the School of Music’s Percussion Ensemble’s drum circle and an extraordinary performance by James Wallace, a ballet grad student.

Once you’re done admiring the acts, look forward to details regarding other kinds of arts. Whether you’re interested in campus productions or taking drawing courses, someone will be there to help you. Specifically, the College of Fine Arts will be there to answer questions and discuss class availability. There are various non-major classes you can take to vamp up your course schedule next semester. I suggest World of Music, a class dedicated to the history of music around the globe.

Students won’t be able to trek across the world, but they can certainly roam Arts Bash and grab some swag. Pick up a passport from any of the booths and collect stamps as you wander from stand to stand. When your passport is full, snag a free t-shirt from the info booth.

You’ll encounter many associations as you stroll through the quad. ASUU, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, the Union Programming Council, ArtsForce, Arts Teaching, the Marriott Library’s Creativity & Innovation Services, UMFA, UtahPresents and Pioneer Theatre Company will all be in attendance. Make sure to ask each group what opportunities they have available – you might just find a new path to tread during your time on campus.

Arts Bash takes over the J. Willard Marriott Library Plaza on Aug. 29 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Grab some peeps and relish in the fine art festivities provided by the U.

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