Console-nation King

Console-nation King

By Marshall Falkner

Living in the dorms can be boring. When you’re not working or hanging out with friends, you may have nothing to do. If you’re looking to spend some disposable income on video games, well, one, you’re a crazy person because you have tuition to pay, and two, why are you here? The internet has everything you might need. Anyways, while I have you I might as well give you my opinions on consoles and why it especially pertains to dorm life.

A PC is one of the better options if you’re looking for a good long-term investment. However, some people prefer consoles, and if you don’t already have a personal preference, let me try to sway you to my side.

Let’s start with Microsoft and the XBox One.

The Xbox is probably the most famous and the greatest contender to Sony and the PlayStation. It has a sizable library of games with a large selection of new games coming out soon. Though I feel Microsoft is no longer focused on quality as much as quantity, they have several overlapping games with PlayStation and a shallow pool of exclusives. They do have deep backwards compatibility, which is something I like to hear.

I personally don’t like the mandatory subscription to use online games, especially when they have a focus on multiplayer games like “Call of Duty” or “Halo.” It feels unnecessary, but I understand servers need to be maintained and people need to be paid, so it’s not a huge problem.

The PlayStation is the primary rival to Xbox, and at times has the one up on them. After this year’s E3 that’s most certainly the case. Sony had 4 games on display and all of them looked to have a lot more care and time put into them, as well as being exclusive games. Learn more about this year’s E3 with our recap.

I digress — in terms of graphics and power, the two are neck and neck, but when it comes down to the quality of games, I have to give it to Playstation. “Little Big Planet,” “Detroit: Become Human,” The “Uncharted” series, “Until dawn,” “God of War” and “The Last of Us” — all of these are fantastic games exclusive to the Playstation 4 and its ancestors.

The downside is, on top of the the $300 price tag for the console, you’ll also need to get a tv which will fit on the little desk you have been provided — 26 inch is one of your best bets. So that’s another $100. But do you know what doesn’t need a TV?

The Nintendo switch, and my number one choice for dorm life. It’s compact, portable, and powerful. Now if you’re into more competitive games you might fall a bit short. It has no first person shooters, if that’s your jam, but it has amazing single player games with a few party centered games coming out within the year.

Overall, it’s honestly all personal preference. But whatever you do …

Remember to do your class work.

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