Alvarado: Kanye Wants to Make America Trump’s Again

By Andrea Alvarado


Kanye West is on a media tour to encourage “free thought” and “love.” However, he is doing so by spewing outrageous and ill-informed comments that are far from breaching the divide our country is currently experiencing. His behavior is only adding fuel to the resentment and animosity the state of our political climate has fomented in the American people. Although the far-right champions this pseudo-enlighted version of West, he is most likely only behaving in this manner to promote his upcoming album “Yhandi.”

Lately, it seems as if West is better known for his controversies than his music. For as long as he has been famous, West has been the preferred villain of every celebrity feud and he seems to thrive in this role. He clearly enjoys attention, even if it is for the wrong reasons. Once a creator revered for his musical genius, West has become a favorite figure amongst tabloid magazines. Unfortunately, it seems as if “Yeezus” wants to extend his antics into the realm of politics. Despite being political, not an entirely new facet for West, let us not forget his infamous claim of “Bush doesn’t care about black people.” This season he has adopted the role of a full-fledged MAGA pundit. He is now a loud and proud supporter of Donald Trump.

West’s rants and tweets, however, are notorious for the evident lack of understanding about basic politics or history. To put it briefly: the rapper has only demonstrated his complete ignorance shielded by nonsensical pseudo-philosophical fluff. West was called out for his intention to abolish the 13th Amendment, and has implied Abraham Lincoln was black, among other things. West is determined to make the most outrageous statements possible in order to receive free publicity, a strategy he probably learned from Trump himself. His confusing and outlandish commentaries are covered by news outlets, and recent TMZ footage of his latest interviews have been framed as a national crisis. Despite his lack of education that was exposed through his recent “press tour,” West once again has demonstrated his savvy ability to trigger discontent. 

For conservatives, especially Donald Trump, West is an asset. He is a token black man that nullifies the argument of a racially white centered political party. In addition, as notable celebrities continue to proudly state their alignment to the Democratic party, West’s support aids the GOP to increase their exposure to more liberal and moderate audiences. West’s influence over his fan base is strong enough to shift voter perception to either side of the aisle. 

But, West is doing this solely to create controversy. He loves the attention and his seemingly narcissistic personality aligns with the principles of the Trump administration. He is wealthy enough that he has reached a status that exempts him from the issues hindering the lives of people in his community. West’s ego will always prevent him from grasping the consequences his actions have on other people outside his Kardashian bubble.

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