U’s Asia Campus Hosts WSJ Reporter Andrew Jeong as a Guest Speaker


(Courtesy of Jeong-Hyun Kim)

Andrew Jeong, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, lecturing students at the UAC.

By Mitch Shin, News Writer


Andrew Jeong, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, visited the University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) for a special lecture with the UAC community on March 12.

He was the first guest speaker for the event, entitled “First Journalism School,” presented by the department of communication. The department of communication invited three correspondents to speak to campus, and the lecture series will finish on April 12.

Students, staff and faculty went to U107, Zion Hall, to hear Jeong’s special lecture. The department of communication ordered forty sandwiches and ten pizzas, which was still not enough to provide for more than a hundred attendants.

Andrew shared his story from when he was a student at Cornell University, advising that students should go to Salt Lake City Campus as an Asian. He encouraged students not to fear the failure from anything and emphasized that students should challenge themselves to do something that they want to accomplish.

[/media-credit] Donald MacAngus, the director of the department of communication, introducing Andrew Jeong

“It was meaningful for me to share my life story with UAC students,” Jeong said. “And I was impressed that many students attended my special lecture. I hope it was a meaningful time for them.” He shared his experience as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and taught the attendants a little about how to be a journalist.

“It was our luck to have him as a guest speaker,” said Donald MacAngus, the director of the department of communication in UAC. “We will try our best if we can get funding for hosting this kind of events for our students.”

Since UAC opened in September 2014, all departments are trying to create a sustainable programs for students while strengthening their departments. However, most UAC students cannot attend the sessions or events presented by the departments in UAC due to the lack of a system and procedure.

[/media-credit] Young-Seo Kim, Andrew Jeong, and Jeong-Hyun Kim

“We couldn’t imagine that we can invite correspondent and having a meeting with him,” said Young-Seo Kim, a representative of the department of communication. Most of the students in the department of communication are interested in PR marketing and advertising and Young Seo was confident that this event would be helpful for students. “It was beneficial for all to understand the function of journalism.” More than a hundred students are studying within the department of communication, and he wants to “host more events” for the students.

Jeong-Hyun Kim, president of the student government, stated that student government is willing to support the programs hosted by the departments. “Today’s special lecture hosted by the department of communication was unbelievable. As a president of the student government, if there are any programs hosted by the other departments, I will support as much as I can,” Kim said.

Won-Jeong Bae, a producer for BBC news, is the next guest speaker for this program. She will proceed with her special lecture on March 28.

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