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Gaming Corner: “Devil May Cry 5”

Designed by Ray Gill
(Designed by Ray Gill | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

The “Devil May Cry” (DMC) series has never been about mindlessly killing
every enemy, but rather how they’re all decimated. Action-adventure games spark a thrill while players get tasks done in an action-packed manner, whether that’s in killing enemies, overcoming obstacles or solving mini-puzzles. These games are usually accompanied by a flurry of dramatic and flashy animations, and the DMC series does not disappoint. Its options for how to kill enemies feature a smooth combat system beat-‘em-up using swords, guns and jump combos.   

Devil May Cry 5, Dante, Title Screen.

The developer and publisher, Capcom, may not know where their specific market focus is exactly, but they certainly are appealing to the masses, marked by their increased profits in 2018. Capcom has decided to appease gamer desires instead of focusing on profit margins and popularity, and it’s working out well. The payoff, so far, comes with praise for games like “Monster World Hunter,” the remake of “Resident Evil 2” and “Mega Man 11.”  Now with another success under their belt, “Devil May Cry 5” will be your go-to game for an exciting trip that will play up fighting styles along with an intriguing storyline. Interestingly, the idea behind the “Devil May Cry” series is a metaphor for the current society we live in, although the origin of the games is an extension of the “Resident Evil” series that has transformed into its own creation.

At the start of play, players are thrown into a world of immediate turmoil which may seem like it should be the ending of the game. The series’ reappearing characters, Dante and Nero, as well as a new mysterious face, V, struggle against an all too powerful enemy. Luckily, players don’t have to know the previous titles in order to fall in love with DMC 5. The trio of playable characters are played individually and, eventually, by player’s choice. Each character has their own diverse set of combat styles with unique limitations. Dante, the original protagonist of the “Devil May Cry” series, is looking older, though he is still recognizable in his dark red trench coat. He now wields fewer weapons, but, in this case, less is more. Nero features a versatile grappling arm in place of a missing limb, making the transition from foe to foe even more satisfying as he takes control and finishes them off with his sword. On the other hand (literally), V is more hands-off as he summons animal familiars to fend off enemies before he can deliver a final blow. Enemies also have different color codes, indicating their weaknesses to force players to strategize.

V fighting with his familiars.

There is never a stale moment. The variety of battles, skills sets, upgrades, bosses and character involvement are well paced. Upgrades are almost overwhelming while trying to correctly land and remember move-sets between the differences in character combat styles.

An argument can be made about whether DMC 5’s cut scenes hinder rather than help the gameplay. While most gamers cannot escape these interruptions fast enough, Capcom seemed to place them accordingly between stages to provide for less watching and more playing time. The cut scenes are entertaining, rendered beautifully and progress the story. Gameplay graphics do not disappoint, nor do the various boss designs and quirky dialogue — a notable hallmark of the series. Although the difficulty of cut scenes has eased up compared to its predecessors, by no means is DMC 5 a walk in the park. Combat design allows for unique creative freedom, reinforcing the fun factor. Achievement points and a battle grade also make the player want to earn more points and get a better letter grade for each fight.

Verdict: 9/10. “Devil May Cry 5” was released in March this year, five years after “Devil May Cry 4,” for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Unlike most games these days, DLCs (downloadable content) will be free, making for continuous gameplay without the additional cost. If you’re looking for a thrilling hack-and-slasher that beats any other similar game and introduces new concepts to a lovable franchise without losing its original charm, then definitely give it a go.

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Ray Gill, Arts Writer
Ray is a student in the Entertainment Arts & Technology (E.A.E.) program at the U. She aspires to become a great artist and game designer in order to contribute to the game industry while she learns critical thinking and writing skills during her time as an Arts & Entertainment Contributor at the Chronicle.

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