The Sanctity of Nature


(Mount Lassen, California) The reference to mountains as holy places is an ancient one. Here, that connection is used to explore the differences and similarities between religion and the environmental movement. Who is at the center of each setting? What does each place represent? (Photos by Mark Draper | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Mark Draper, Photographer


This project arose from two observations I had regarding my peers — the first being that almost none of them were religious, and the second being that the outdoors had a huge place in all their lives. My first thought upon putting this together was that the environmental movement must be replacing organized religion, but after further contemplation, I’ve come to believe it’s not that straightforward. Is this an example of replacement or reflection? Are these two “belief systems” really all that different? What are the differences? The following three pairs of photos are spaces to explore those questions in a visual medium.

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