Mora and Ramsay: Our Top 5 Utah Football Uniforms of 2018


(Photo by Curtis Lin I Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Sammy Mora and Brayden Ramsay


Jerseys are a huge part of college football. Not only do they represent an entire team, but these pieces of clothing are memorable to both fans and players alike. Whether they represent a win in a comeback fashion or a tough fought loss, uniforms matter.

Sammy’s Top 5 Picks:

I love a good uniform combination. I live for the jersey that reveals what both colleges and the pros do annually. I am also a fan of the more unique combos throughout the college football landscape. One of my favorite uniform combos from the recent past was the “Once a Duck” look that Oregon wore in 2016 — white helmets with green jerseys and white pants. The look was topped off with orange socks and shoes making the team look like a pack of ducks running around the field. It was a uniform combo I never dreamed of seeing, but once I saw it I fell in love with it.

Utah has, in my opinion, always had a long and strong lineage of sick uniform combos with only a few stumbles in the process (I’m looking at you, 2010 Wounded Warriors Project jerseys). The 2018 season was one of the best seasons in recent history as far as uniform combos go.


5. Ice Lake City: Whiteout versus Arizona State

I always hated the away set that this team would wear. It used to be the red helmet with the white top and bottoms and was getting to be predictable, but once the equipment team introduced those icy white helmets with the all chrome Drum and Feather, the game was changed. The combination of those helmets and the striped jersey made it my favorite away set in a while. Not only was this look clean and crisp, I found it very fitting for the team to bring the iciest combo to the Tempe desert. While the outcome of the game was definitely not what the teams and fans wanted, this combo is still a major step in the right direction when it comes to Utah and the all white uniform.

4. Throwback: Interlocking U’s with the red retro jersey and white pants versus USC

Don’t get me wrong — having a throwback jersey is something that some schools can’t say they have but I’m starting to get bored with them. I still think they are one of the best combos each season, but since their debut in 2015 there hasn’t been much change. Fans love the combo and there are usually good memories attached to them from fans and players alike. The next time the equipment team wants to bring a throwback jersey, I would suggest going back to the ’80s. The stick Drum and Feather helmet and the same logo on the sleeve would make a fantastic uniform.

(Photo by Curtis Lin | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

3. Ute Proud: Ute proud helmet with red top and bottom versus Arizona

I am a strong supporter of the Ute Proud jerseys and the game to honor the tribe that has given us our name. This rendition of the Ute Proud combo has been my favorite one by far. There is just something about the white helmet and shoes and socks between the red top and bottom that made it so fresh. Plus the addition of the red stripe down the center of the helmet made it a perfect helmet for the occasion. The block U on the helmet is one of the most unique renditions of the school’s logo to date and that makes the look that much better.

2. Hand painted wings: Black top, red bottoms versus Oregon

Just like Ute proud, the handcrafted helmets are something I look forward to each season. This year’s was not only iconic because of the daring choice to go with the wings of a red tailed hawk but the choice to use the design against Oregon who wore a chrome helmet with wings on them as well. The elements were worn again against Colorado and they still looked fresh but there was just something about wearing the combo against the Ducks that made it so good.

(Photo by Kiffer Creveling | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

1. All Red: Satin helmet with red everything versus the TDS

Everything about this look was iconic. The reveal video with the red smoke, the fact that we were wearing them to make it 8 in a row, the game itself. I always love it when we face BYU and one team wears all red and they go with their royal blue uniforms. It is something that dreams are made of. These were also my favorite all-red combination that the team has worn since we faced BYU in the Vegas bowl in 2015. I can’t wait to see what the equipment team pulls out for the first game this season because #9isComing.


Brayden’s Top 5 Picks:

(Photo by Kiffer Creveling I The Daily Utah Chronicle)

I’ve never been a fan of the flamboyant, outlandish and over the top uniforms that some college football teams wear. I like the classic looks with team colors and subtle details that differentiate the uniforms each game. I like the drum and feather logo on Utah’s helmets over the other logos (although the interlocking U’s are growing on me). I’m usually a big fan of the hand-painted helmets, but I felt like the Utes missed the mark in 2018. We’re not the Swoops, red tailed hawks, or any other bird of prey. We’re the Utes. Although I appreciated that we tried a different look, unfortunately I didn’t think that the helmet represented our school as good as it could have.

Keep in mind that although I like the more conservative combos, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to see things change up every game. I love the anticipation of seeing what the Utes will run on the field with each week. I must admit, narrowing the uniforms down to my top five favorites is difficult, but I would argue that these are the top five uniform combinations of the 2018 season.


5. Unfinished Business: Satin red helmets, white jerseys, red pants versus Washington in Pac-12 Championship Game

I’m calling these the “Unfinished Business” uniforms because that’s what I feel like this season is going to be about — winning the Pac-12 and making it to (at least) the Rose Bowl. These uniforms were the ones Utah played in when a fluke pick 6 broke fans hearts last year, and these are the ones I hope we are wearing when we lift the Pac-12 trophy this season. I love the helmet, as stated in my #1 pick, and I like the white top, red bottom combo. The red and white are bold and show that we are willing to modernize a classic look.

4. Icy Whites: Whiteout versus Arizona State

The Utes haven’t had the greatest luck in the all-whites, which puts them back a bit on my list. Overall, I think this is one of the cleanest and classiest looks that Utah has to offer. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the away uniforms, but the helmet puts this at the top of the white uniforms for me. I like the oversized chrome decal look on the white background. I think it would be cool to experiment with this helmet look with the oversized chrome decal on one side and the individual players number on the other. This is definitely a favorite combo of mine, but if the Utes continue to struggle, expect to see a modified version of the “icy whites” in the future.

3. Blackout: Black top, bottom and helmet versus Washington

It’s hard not to love the blackout uniforms if you’re a Utah football fan. Debuting in the 2008 season against TCU, the black uniform has been voted the nation’s best blackout on multiple occasions. Usually worn on a night game in October, the blackout sets the tone for the matchup for fans and players alike. Utah has an 8-3 all time record in the blackout uniforms, making this an exciting and hopeful combo to see the Utes in.

(Photo by Kiffer Creveling | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

2. Throwback: Interlocking U’s with the red retro jersey and white pants versus USC

These throwback uniforms graced the Rice-Eccles Stadium for the first time in 2015 against the Cal Golden Bears and have been a fan favorite ever since. This uniform combo recently won the Utes Equipment Uniform Bracket Challenge upsetting the 2X defending champion “Blackout” uniform. I’d love to see this uniform design become the new Utah regular when the 2020 uniform release occurs in the offseason. I would still enjoy seeing a throwback game, but if this design becomes the new norm, I’d love to see a 1980s stick drum and feather throwback, or a gray 1966 look as a replacement.

1. Comeback for the Ages: Satin helmet with red everything versus BYU

This uniform combination is a classic for Utah. The “all red” look dates back to the early days of Utah football and has recently made its appearances against BYU since Utah went away from the two to three uniform standard in 2014. Minor detail changes in the helmet took this combo from a “meh” look to the best of the 2018 season. The new helmet was released for the BYU game in 2018 and made one other appearance in the Pac-12 Championship game. This combination stands out among my favorite “all red” looks next to the 2015 Vegas Bowl.


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