The U’s International Student Council Unites Students from Different Cultures


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By Delaney Sheppard, News Writer

Highlighting and exploring cultural diversity at the University of Utah is an integral part of student life. The International Student Council is an official student group of the Associated Students of the University of Utah which focuses on educating both domestic and international students about world cultures and introduces them to people from all around the world.

The main goal of ISC is to provide all students with a platform that promotes and enhances intercultural sharing and cooperation between campus and both local community members and organizations. The ISC wants to ensure international students at the U feel supported and appreciated for the diversity they bring to campus.

So far this year, the ISC has been working to spread awareness of their organization. The student group has increased the number of board member leadership positions, tabled at PlazaFest and International Student Orientation, and created a new $500 ISC Scholarship. They also host fun activities for students to socialize, like hiking, bowling and going to amusement parks. Board member applications for the coming 2020-2021 school year will be opening this coming spring semester, with both domestic and international students encouraged to apply.

“After joining the ISC, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of different people from various backgrounds,” said Enkhjin Ganbaatar, an international student majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. “I actually chose to study in the U.S. to experience different cultures and meet different people from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, I have done it through ISC. I have made a lot of friends who came from different countries, grew up in different cultures, and have diverse backgrounds. It is amazing because I wouldn’t have met them without ISC and International Ambassador positions.”

“It gave me an opportunity to befriend and engage with international students from all over the world,” said Daniel Bae, a domestic student studying biology. “It has been very interesting to learn about different cultures and perspectives that the students bring that I would otherwise not get to. I love that members of ISC are very accepting of others. Instead of being judgmental, we keep an open mind and actually enjoy each other’s differences.”

“I am grateful to advise the ISC because it’s an opportunity for me to meet incredible students, each with their own unique background, perspective, and goals for the future,” said Danika Borcik, orientation coordinator at ISC. “It has been very rewarding to witness the current ISC board members developing their leadership skills so much over just a few semesters, while also becoming friends and creating a strong support network amongst themselves. ISC is constantly expanding and improving every year because as new board members are brought on, they contribute their unique opinions and ideas that may be different from the previous board. There is no ‘right way’ to run ISC, and we are always receptive to suggestions to do things differently.”

ISC provides a safe, enjoyable, and diverse space for all students to participate, learn, and socialize with one another. “ISC provides a unique setting for international students to come together and feel welcomed at the University of Utah,” Bae said. Moreover, it is a great way for both domestic and international students to learn about each other and make friends.”

ISC’s biggest event of the year is coming up on Nov. 15, 2019. International Night is the one night a year when the entire campus can come together to celebrate the 100+ different countries that are represented at the U. There will be food, live entertainment, a fashion show, and several other fun activities and opportunities to learn about the cultures and traditions of the U’s amazing international students.

For more information on this event,please visit their website.


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