The Chronicle Playlist: Slow it Down


Justin Prather

(Photo by Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer



February is a strange time — winter is about to burst at the seams but spring still feels eons away, and smack in the middle of the month is one of the most polarizing holidays in American culture. Whether you appreciate the excuse to spoil (or be spoiled by) your partner or, like me, you see Valentine’s Day as the capitalist exploitation of the human brain, there’s something to be said about a particular breed of a love song — the achingly ethereal kind of thing that teleports you elsewhere. Whenever the snow or cold rain begins to fall next, bundle up and be soothed by these moody love songs. 


“Blue Light”
Mazzy Star

One of the founders of soft alt-rock itself kicks off this playlist with a mystical ode to a best friend and could-be lover.


“Penny Jane”
Angus Maude

Angus Maude is clearly head-over-heels in this indie-folk lullaby whose magic is impossible to capture in words.


“The Devil’s Tears”
Angus & Julia Stone 

“The Devil’s Tears” offers listeners deep comfort while being darker than your traditional love song fare. It’s a raw look at the way a true romantic connection outlives all turmoil and never fully disappears.


“Black Beauty”
Lana Del Rey 

In “Black Beauty,” true to the femme fatale persona she’s famous for, Del Rey sings about her desire to mirror the darkness of a lover she can’t quite comprehend.


The xx

Listen to “Missing” and let your mind wander through dreams of that one person you just can’t let go of.


“Sea of Love”
Cat Power

In her 2000 cover of Phil Phillips’ famous “Sea of Love,” Cat Power quietly and confidently confesses her feelings.


“Dreaming of You”
Cigarettes After Sex

“Moody love song” is basically the essence of the entire Cigarettes After Sex discography, and this enchanting piece is no exception.


“Slow it Down”
The Lumineers

A haunting look at the wounds that partnership can cause and ultimately heal, “Slow it Down” invites you to rest your weary heart.


“Look On Down From the Bridge”
Mazzy Star

Timeless ’90s alternative goddess Hope Sandoval reappears on the playlist with this bittersweet ballad.

“Space Song”
Beach House

Be prepared to travel to the cosmos (and the depths of your psyche) and back in five minutes during this psychedelic take on the surrealism of love.

Ben Howard 

“Promise” is a gentle but powerful exploration of the questions one lover has for another, and it might be my favorite of Howard’s moving folk-indie discography. 


“Stuck on the Puzzle”
Lily & Madeleine

I love this haunting cover even more than I love the original by Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner (which is a lot). Lyrically one of the most intriguing love songs I’ve heard, this one is sure to stick with you for a while.


“It’s U”

Folk-pop singer-songwriter Cavetown mesmerizes me with all of his authentic music, but there’s something really special about this serenade in particular.


“Goodnight Baby”

The perfect way to end a harsh winter evening, “Goodnight Baby” is a warm melody about the infinite possibilities of love. 


“400 Lux”

Concluding our playlist is the absolute monarch of modern alt-pop—Lorde. Her bass-heavy, trance-inducing “400 Lux” immerses us into the warmth of a simple high-school-esque romance.


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