The Chronicle Playlist: Study Jams for Working Remotely


Justin Prather

(Photo by Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor


As classes move online and more people begin working from home, it may be difficult to find the motivation to start working or to focus for extended periods of time. The COVID-19 pandemic has surely caused rifts in all of our working habits, schedules and lives, but it is still important to find a sense of normalcy in the work that we are still able to complete. Even when the world is not experiencing a pandemic, I will frequently listen to certain songs and playlists in order to get started working or studying. So, now that more of us are working remotely and finding new ways of staying productive while practicing social distancing, it is important to find the music that helps you stay focused. Here in this playlist are some of my favorite songs to play while studying or working from home. 


“Smoking on Starstuff”
Hazy Year 

To begin, this mostly instrumental track provides a jazzy background and messages that we “are made of starstuff.”


“ocean floor”

Just as the title suggests, this song feels as though you are calmly drifting along the ocean’s waves. While it is one of the slower tracks from this list, the gentle production elements offer a soothing background — without any feelings of sleepiness. 


“Don’t Worry”

Brother. is one of my favorite local artists from Provo, Utah. This release from 2019 works to ease any anxieties alongside glittering instrumentals. 


“Late Night in Kauai”
Childish Gambino featuring Jaden

A selection from Childish Gambino may seem like an odd choice, but as one of my favorite artists, I couldn’t help but add this captivating and gentle jam.  



I debated including this track, but the combination of some funnier spoken word elements with groovy hip-hop hooks makes for a perfect balance that is easy to listen to while working. 


“Scott Street — Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC”
Phoebe Bridgers

Bridgers is known for her use of dreamy and light vocals paired with folk-rock and indie-pop melodies. Her live version of “Scott Street” is intimately stripped back to simple yet powerful vocals accompanied by softer instrumentals. The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity, which makes for a great background to any work or studies. 


“yellow is the color of her eyes”
Soccer Mommy

The latest album from Sophie Allison — or Soccer Mommy — “color theory” presents an exploration of deeper emotional truths through their connection to color. While Allison compares the color yellow to illness, this track easily courses through sparkling layers of production that beautifully accompany Allison’s poetic lyricism. 


“Tired Boy”
Joey Pecoraro

As one of my favorite instrumental artists, Joey Pecoraro’s music is full of jazz elements that incorporate modern production to create a welcoming lo-fi environment. 


“Coming Home”
Leon Bridges 

Full of R&B and soul, Leon Bridges’ “Coming Home” offers a relaxed return to classic songwriting by the likes of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Bridges’ powerful vocals are presented with a sense of ease and his lyrics strike as though he has several decades of wisdom to share.


“we used to talk every night”
Elijah Who

For artists that I listen to while studying, I consistently turn to Elijah Who. His music beautifully samples portions of spoken word and pieces of popular culture — including lines from “Good Will Hunting.” The blend of lo-fi and hip-hop influence feels like the epitome of what other artists strive to create on other studying radio stations. “we used to talk every night” is a prime example of just how effortless the blend between vocals and beats should be in order to create an effective track.


Although this is just a sampling, hopefully these tunes will get you into a groove to get your work done. This playlist can be found with other music recommendations from The Daily Utah Chronicle on our Spotify


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