To Binge or Not to Binge Episode 76: ‘Dead to Me’


Hannah Allred

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By Paige Lee, Arts Writer


This article contains mild spoilers for “Dead to Me.”


“Dead to Me” is a Netflix original series with two seasons. The series follows character Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) three months after losing her husband to a hit and run. Jen quickly befriends the likable Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), completely unaware that Judy was the woman responsible for her husband’s death. “Dead to Me” isn’t the terrifying series it might sound like, though. This show is powerful, emotional and even a little humorous at times.

To Binge or Not to Binge?

I will be the first to admit that I binged both seasons — the first season was binged on accident, the second was very much planned. “Dead to Me” has an exciting plot, compelling characters, unexpected symbolism and just enough of an element of fun to make it into something super binge-able.

The first season showcases the blooming friendship between Jen and Judy as well as the secrets that threaten to destroy it all. It explores Jen’s family dynamics with her two sons and how she gets along with people in her family. It also takes a look into Judy’s life and motivations. There are hints laid out about untold secrets held by some characters in the series. The character interactions and the intense plot keep you holding on until the last episode of the first season.

The second season symbolically mirrors the first in many ways. The second season is very interesting because of how much deeper the main characters in the show are explored. It exposes some unhealthier sides to the friendship between Jen and Judy while also developing the characters individually.

I would suggest bingeing this show if you have the time. “Dead to Me” is addictive whether you binge it or not. Even so, watching it all in a relatively short period of time is easiest because every episode will leave you wanting more.

Despite how dark “Dead to Me” can get at times, it is never too much to swallow thanks to the many slipped-in jokes in the series. There are also tons of themes of hope, change, love and forgiveness in the show. I honestly didn’t expect to see so many positive themes in the show when I first clicked to watch it, but I’m glad elements of good are prevalent. Those themes make the otherwise dark show feel so much more multifaceted.

Best Episode

My favorite episode from the series so far would have to be “You Don’t Have To” from season two. It observes the consequences of Jen’s anger on her kids and how she tries to change for the better. It also follows Jen and Judy as they both commit to new relationships while trying to cope with their pasts. In the midst of the main characters’ stories, the episode follows related investigations conducted by the police department that threaten to rip away everything that Jen and Judy have.

Similar Shows

Similar shows to “Dead to Me” are: “Santa Clarita Diet,” “Why Women Kill,” “Imposters” and “Daybreak.”

Trigger Warnings

“Dead to Me” is rated TV-MA for cursing and smoking. In addition, themes of murder, suicide and abuse are present in the series.


“Dead to Me”

5/5 stars

Available to stream on Netflix

Two seasons, 20 episodes, approximately 10 hours.


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