Pioneer Theatre Company Announces Shortened 2020-2021 Season


(PTC announces shorter season | Courtesy Kirsten Park)

By Paige Lee, Arts Writer


COVID-19 has drastically changed the lives of everyone within the last few months. It has become the topic of conversation, as most news reports and online articles (including this one) make constant mention of the pandemic and how people are dealing with it. Now, in the fight to stay afloat until life returns to normal, many people and companies have started making plans for the future, finding ways to make social distancing more bearable — both psychologically and economically.

The Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City is no exception to navigating this difficult time. With social distancing measures needing to be taken, putting on live productions is an extremely difficult feat. Due to this, the PTC has made plans to shorten its season for the upcoming 2020-2021 performance year. Although the need for a shortened performance season is disappointing, the PTC is doing a fantastic job of making the best out of the situation. Now, the PTC will be showing three plays for the upcoming production year starting February 2021. The first show to be performed is “Something Rotten!,” a parody of William Shakespeare and his famous works. This show will in turn be followed by the world premiere of “Ass,” a comedy about a family and the complicated dynamics within. The final show of the upcoming year will be the iconic “Legally Blonde.”

The three shows chosen for the shortened season are ones that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys attending live theatre. “Something Rotten!” is a fun show theatre buffs are bound to love, but those who are less versed in the world of Shakespeare can be entertained by it as well. In a year that only had room for three plays to show, the PTC chose to put “Ass” on their shorter schedule. Since “Ass” has not had its official premiere yet, the play is not exactly well known, but a complicated family comedy is sure to be enjoyable. “Legally Blonde” is one that can never grow old. The story of Elle Woods and her journey through law school is a wildly popular one, and for good reason — it’s inspiring, funny and hopeful.

Although we will have to wait a little longer to see any performances in person, the shows we will have the opportunity to see in the future are very worthy of looking forward to. If you are interested in seeing any of the plays in the upcoming 2020-2021 season, the PTC has ticket options posted now.

There is, of course, no face-to-face service at the moment, but you can purchase tickets to the PTC’s performances via the internet and by phone. The PTC can be reached on their website. To get tickets, you can email [email protected], or call the box office phone number at 801-581-6961.

The box office phone number will be active Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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