The Nuncheon Sessions: Jumping Into Online Concerts


The Nuncheon Sessions bring the concert to you. (Photo by Wendy Wei | Courtesy Pexels)

By Paige Lee, Arts Writer


The very idea of a virtual series of concerts is fascinating — the very thought of attending a concert from home rather than from a venue is a novel concept to many. The Nuncheon Sessions is one such example of a stay-at-home concert series that blew my mind. The Nuncheon Sessions is broadcast for anyone to hear. The concerts are played on weekdays at 1 p.m. Central Time — around lunchtime for most of the United States’ working class. Even people who are busy every hour of the day might have a chance to sit back for a few minutes and listen to a concert. Something about the idea of such easily accessible concerts is so exciting.


What to Expect

The main focus of this online concert series is on up-and-coming artists. Scrolling through the list of broadcasts coming up, I hadn’t heard of the artists personally. If you view the list of planned concerts, you might have the luck of recognizing some. Chances are though, the names will all be new to you. It was this aspect that got me to like The Nuncheon Sessions — it doesn’t throw familiar music at its listeners. The Nuncheon Sessions nudges its audience to branch out and find something new.


Favorite Artist

Of all the artists I have heard on this series so far, my personal favorite is Charles Wesley Godwin. Godwin is an artist from West Virginia who recently released his debut album “Seneca.” Godwin’s music falls nowhere near the range of my regular music taste. And yet, from the very first song he played on The Nuncheon Sessions, I fell in love with his music. His song “Jesse” was the first song he played in his online concert. The song was wistful and catchy — I couldn’t get it out of my head after listening to it. And I kept that same feeling of enchantment during the whole 45-minute concert.

Even if I had never heard Godwin’s music on The Nuncheon Sessions, I almost certainly would have heard his music once it made it onto the radio. But I am also near certain in the fact that I wouldn’t have given his music any chance had I not been going out of my way to hear it like on The Nuncheon Sessions.


Would You Enjoy The Nuncheon Sessions?

All in all, The Nuncheon Sessions is a slight niche online series — one that I would never have found on my own. But these online concerts were worth the listen. The Nuncheon Series is perfect for anybody who wants to find new music to enjoy. It is also perfect for anybody who misses the feeling of being at a concert. Like I mentioned earlier, The Nuncheon Series is obviously not the same as an in-person concert. However, it is an opportunity to listen to a live performance in the company of others. If you consider yourself a big music lover, then this easily accessible online concert venue might be the perfect addition to your day.

The Nuncheon Sessions is primarily run by Sweetheart PR and Baby Robot Media. You can access the Nuncheon Sessions here on its Facebook page.


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