The Chronicle Playlist: Falling Leaves and Changing Music


Justin Prather

(Photo by Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor


With the shifting temperatures, the turn to autumn typically brings a shift in my listening habits as well. Whereas in the summer I typically reach for upbeat pop music, in the fall, I find myself queueing up more indie and alternative artists that offer a more laid-back style. This semester has been one of the most demanding for many people who have been experiencing compounded stress from the pandemic and a looming election, on top of dealing with classes. So, to offer a little bit of escapism and respite in music, here are the songs that I’m currently playing on repeat. 


Peach Pit

From the deluxe edition of the Vancouver band’s most recent release, “You and Your Friends,” this track explores laid-back rock and sets the perfect background for walking through a pile of perfectly crisp fallen leaves.  


“Was It Something I Said” (feat. Cavetown)

MyKey, Cavetown

Full of bedroom pop and indie rock influence, this collaboration from MyKey and Cavetown feels like a warm embrace. In addition to the gentle instrumentals, this track has some amazing lyrics, including one of my favorite lines — “running on negative hours of sleep,” a sentiment that hits all too close to home during midterms season. 


“Lew’s Lullaby”

Ritt Momney

While most people might now recognize Ritt Momney for their viral cover of “Put Your Records On,” this track from their debut album offers a beautiful introduction to their unique and dreamy indie sound.  



Kate Bollinger

With light and airy vocals paired against jazzier instrumentation, Kate Bollinger’s music is easy to listen to and get lost within. 


“Watery Brain”


Valley’s alternative pop is something I could listen to all day long, and “Watery Brain” exemplifies their expertise at songwriting. This song’s slow build to the bridge encapsulates the sensation of growing up, becoming an adult and realizing how to move on from certain people. 


“Fifteen on a Skateboard”


The opening sounds of a literal skateboard fully immerse the listener in this track that offers a laid back escape.




As one of my favorite discoveries of the summer and a group I’m still obsessed with, machinegum and their track “Kubes” is full of enjoyable elements — I’ve continued to discover new components of this song on each subsequent listen. ‘80s electro-pop is alive and well, but machinegum translates this genre into the modern era with their debut album, “Conduit.”


“Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)”

The 1975

From their latest album, “Notes on a Conditional Form,” this song remains one of my favorite recent releases from The 1975. “Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)” samples from The Temptations, and this track’s retro ‘90s pop influence is simply irresistible. 




While this song slightly stands out from the other songs in this playlist, I’ve always thought that HUNNY’s “Halloween” was such a fun song, and there’s no better time to listen to it than in October. Full of ‘80s pop references and indie punk rock elements, “Halloween” demands your attention and invites you to dance along as well.  



Lunar Vacation

To round out the playlist, this song from Lunar Vacation showcases their bright and optimistic indie-pop. “Daytime” embodies the sentiment and sensation of a daydream — it’s sweet and whimsical, but it doesn’t remain detached from reality. 


For me, these songs create the perfect backdrop for walking around campus or taking a drive in the canyons, surrounded by vibrant autumn hues. This playlist can be found with other music recommendations from the Chronicle on our Spotify


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