Three ASUU Presidential Tickets Move on to General Election


Maya Fraser

Evening on University of Utah campus, Thursday in Salt Lake City. (Photo by Maya Fraser | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Porshai Nielsen, Investigative Editor


Following the voting period in the ASUU Primary Election from Feb. 15-18, the Paul Ticket, the Sanchez Ticket and the Wojciechowski Ticket will be moving on to the general election. The Paul Ticket led the primary election at nearly 800 votes, and the Wojciechowski Ticket was not far behind with just over 700 votes.

Jake Paul, who is running for president, feels great about the election results. 

“We believe that it shows that students on campus want the university to do more in terms of improving the college experience,” Paul said. 

Paul mentioned that some of the next steps for the ticket will be getting their message out to capitalize on voter blocks where they have not already. He said they will continue engaging with the student body as well. 

“We want the student body to know that we want to bring students back so that our campus can be united once again,” Paul said. 

Prior to the primary election results, UnsafeU, a student organization not affiliated with the university,  released their endorsements for this election cycle. They chose to endorse the Wojciechowski Ticket and the Nestle Ticket, who did not make it to the general election. 

UnsafeU released scores for each ticket regarding different issues like student safety, accountability and COVID-19. Each ticket was given an overall percentage of approval: the Paul Ticket was the lowest at 47% and the highest was the Nestle Ticket at 81%. 

In an Instagram post, UnsafeU said, “We have significant concerns about the answers provided by the Paul Ticket in almost all areas.” UnsafeU scored them based on the statement released by the Paul Ticket regarding not promoting any social justice platform. 

The Wojciechowski Ticket, who had the second-highest approval rating, is feeling good about the primary election results. Jess Wojciechowski who is running for president, said they are not done and they are ready for another week of campaigning and gathering support.

“We are asking for endorsements and encouraging students to share our platform because we truly can’t do it without them! It’s difficult campaigning in a pandemic so we’re trying to be as strategic as possible to reach students and encourage them to vote,” Wojciechowski said. 

The Sanchez Ticket did not respond to a request to comment. 

General elections will take place from Feb. 22 through Feb. 25 at 5 p.m.


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