SLC Concert Cruise Will Return in April To Redeliver a Safe Live Music Experience


Local band Lord Vox performs at a “SLC Beatles Concert Cruise” in May 2020 (Photo by Ivy Ceballo | Courtesy Deseret News)

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor


Sartain & Saunders is a local company that presents concerts and owns several concert venues throughout Salt Lake City. Prior to the pandemic, S&S would book over 1,000 concerts each year in the Salt Lake Valley. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, concert venues, artists and other local business owners across the globe all faced unprecedented economic hardships.

In the summer of 2020, S&S creatively introduced the SLC Concert Cruise. This cruise offered Salt Lake residents the opportunity to engage with local music while biking around the city to visit different pop-up stages that would feature live performances from various artists. The SLC Concert Cruise was an innovative solution that allowed fans to revisit their love of music while also offering economic support for the local businesses and artists that define the Salt Lake music scene. With an entirely outdoor setting and a limited number of attendees, the SLC Concert Cruise utilized COVID-19-safe measures in its very formation.

On Feb. 5, S&S announced that the SLC Concert Cruise would return on April 10 with Beatles-themed performances — with the addition of a mask requirement. Throughout the summer, there were a few themed nights that ranged from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to Punk Rock and Women of Rock & Roll. Just as the summer offered the chance to enjoy the sun and live music, the warmer months of spring mean that the cruise can return to continue delivering COVID-19-safe concerts. 

Logistically, the concert cruise is broken into two routes, and each route includes five different groups. The routes determine which bands you see perform, and the different groups determine your exact itinerary while also ensuring that you can stay with your pod of family or friends as you bike around the city in a socially distanced group to the five different stops. The cruise requires all participants to be 18+ years of age and all participants must sign a safety waiver. The event is entirely outdoors, masks are required, the groups are limited to just 20 individuals and physical distancing within each group is prioritized — so there does not seem to be a high COVID-19 risk in participating in the cruise. 

Additionally, each ticket comes with a $1 day rental passcode to use a GREENBike for the event. The cruise covers approximately four miles of distance, and the option to rent a bike for the day helps improve accessibility for some people. There are options to bring your own bike, scooter or skateboard, but walking is the one mode of transportation that is not permitted. 

The SLC Concert Cruise is designed to be a safe and fun way to get outside, bike around the city, enjoy live music and support local businesses all at the same time. Prior to the pandemic, the local music scene was a thriving industry, and now, this creative solution allows audiences to revisit their love of live music without significantly increasing their risk of contracting COVID-19.

Tickets for the concert cruise are $35, and you can learn more about the cruise or purchase tickets here.


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