Wojciechowski Ticket Wins ASUU Presidential Election, Many Legislative Seats Remain Open


Tiffany Chan (left), Jess Wojciechowski (middle), Maryan Shale (right). (Photo courtesy of Wojciechowski ticket)

By Ivana Martinez and Natalie Colby


On Feb. 26, the Wojciechowski ticket was named winner of the ASUU presidential election, beating out the Paul and Sanchez tickets.

The results were announced via ASUU’s Instagram account.

They said their first steps as a ticket will be to hire cabinet members, create new positions and plan out the upcoming year. 

To name one, I will definitely be working on establishing an accessibility seat to ensure that the U is prioritizing this, especially during the pandemic,” Jessica Wojciechowski said.

The ticket commented they were thankful and looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year.

We are so grateful. This has been the longest, most exhausting three weeks. However, it has been the most rewarding experience. I’m going to be honest, we all cried when we saw the results. We have all worked so hard and I’m so proud of the three of us for pushing through and staying committed,” the Wojciechowski ticket said via email. 

The Wojciechowski ticket received 44.27% of the vote, over Paul’s 33.56% and Sanchez’s 19.35%. While the election started out with four tickets, on Feb. 19, the Nestel ticket was eliminated in the primaries.

There were 2,837 total votes cast for the presidential tickets.

The results for both senate and assembly elections are as follows. 

Attorney General

Megan Graham won over opponent Mikey Miller with 46.70% of the vote. 

College of Architecture and Planning

Senate: Adrienne Cataxinos ran uncontested. 

College of Humanities

Senate: Momina Sial won over Grace M. Osusky and Christian D. Protzman with 37.23% of the vote.

Assembly Representatives: Zaynab Salih, Yovanni Valdez

College of Nursing

Senate: Sydney Gilliland ran uncontested. 

College of Pharmacy

Senate: Emi Radetich ran uncontested. 

College of Science

Senate: Muskan Walia ran uncontested. 

Assembly Representatives: CJ Reid and Samantha Nestel ran uncontested.

College of Social and Behavioral Science

Senate: Gloria Aquino won over Patrick Lowry and Zoe Phillippides with 40.00% of the vote.

Assembly Representatives: Sarah Hong, Ally Horowitz, Taylor Thompson and Benvin Lozada ran uncontested.

David Eccles School of Business

Assembly Representatives: Katrina Price and Spencer Mukai ran uncontested.

School of Dentistry

Senate: Crystal Wallenius ran uncontested.

College of Engineering

Senate: Serena Aeschilman ran uncontested.

Assembly Representatives: Jason LeDuc, Ammon Rex, Sammy Partridge and Monica Weglinski ran uncontested.

College of Health

Assembly Representatives: Emma Ross ran uncontested. 


There are empty Senate seats for the College of Cultural and Social Transformation, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, College of Health, S.J. Quinney College of Law, School of Medicine, College of Mines and Earth Sciences, College of Social Work and Undergraduate Studies. 

There are empty Assembly seats for College of Architecture and Planning, David Eccles School of Business, College of Cultural and Social Transformation, School of Dentistry, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, College of Health, S.J. Quinney College of Law, School of Medicine, College of Mines and Earth Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Science, College of Social Work and Undergraduates Studies.

Students interested in filling these positions can reach out to Director of Elections Torri Peck.

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