Utah Ski Wins RMISA Championship


University of Utah ski team hosts the Utah Invite where various teams compete in Nordic ski racing at Soldier Hollow, in Heber Utah on Sunday and Monday, January 10-11, 2015

By Emily Dush, Sports Writer


The University of Utah Ski team took to the slopes to compete in the RMISA Championship this weekend. The team was successful and won the Championship to remain undefeated this season. 

“It feels great to win,” said Fredrik Landstedt, the Director of Skiing, to Utah Athletics. “It was an incredible finish to the regular season for both the men and the women. They skied really well yesterday and today and have been doing an incredible job in tough conditions all year.”

On the first day, Samuel Hendry took second place in the 10k Classic to start the Utes off to a hot start. Ola Jordheim came in sixth place, Luke Jager took seventh, and Bjørn Riksaasen came in eighth place. Noel Keeffe had a strong showing, finishing in 17th place. 

After the 10k Classic event, the men earned 89 points.

The women competed in their race for the day with Sydney Palmer-Leger winning the event. Fellow Ute Novie McCabe came right behind Palmer-Leger, in second place. Julia Ritcher came in fourth place, Karianne Moe came in seventh place, Mariah Bredal came in eighth place and Abby Jazin took 12th place. 

The women won 108 points, which put the Utes at a total of 197 points. 

On the final day of the championships, the men raced in the 20k Freestyle race while the women competed in the 15k Freestyle race. 

The men showed a strong showing, with Hendry finishing in second place, Riksaan coming in fifth place, Jager coming in seventh place and Jordheim coming in ninth place. The women also performed well in their race. McCabe won the 15k Freestyle event, earning her fifth win of the season. Palmer-Leger followed right behind her, coming in second place, and Bredal came in fifth place. 

“Novie and Sydney have just been incredible as freshman,” Landstedt said to Utah Athletics. “We knew they were fast, but they’ve really taken another step this year. Now, they’re just dominating this series so hopefully, they can keep this same shape at NCAAs. It’ll be fun to head east and have some great races out there.”

The Utes will head to New Hampshire on March 10-11 to compete in the NCAA National Championships. The last time the Utes competed in the National Championship, they were 2019 Champions — they are looking to hold the position again. 


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