Overton’s Top Song Lyrics Referencing Sports


Drake at the Form (Image via Flickr)

By Sean Overton, Sports Editor


There are many legendary songs that reference sports, but which ones deserve to make it on the top five? All of the songs you will find on this list are from hip-hop songs, and that is no coincidence. Hip-hop references sport the most out of all music genres, and it is simply based on the similar culture between hip-hop and sports.

No. 5 Kanye West, “Barry Bonds”

“Here’s another hit baby, Barry Bonds/We outta here baby”

Although this song is one of the weaker songs off of Kanye’s Graduation album, it is still an amazing sports reference and therefore deserves to make this list. Kanye and Lil’ Wayne’s creativity shines through in this song as they reference making hit after hit and ‘knocking it out of the park.’ Sadly, this song doesn’t make it higher on this list simply because it simply lacks the ‘wow’ factor, but it makes it on the list for the reference of baseball legend Barry Bonds.

No. 4 Drake, “0-100”

“I been Steph Curry with the shot/Been cookin’ with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot, boy”

This song is a salute to the fantastic shooting skills of Stephen Curry, and also has a fantastic rhythm and rhyme to it. It is also a salute to the comical “Chef Curry” celebration. This is easily a verse that has the ability to get stuck in your head all day. You simply can’t have a top-five list without including Drake in it.

No. 3 Kanye West, “New God Flow”

“Went from most hated to the champion god flow/I guess that’s a feeling only me and LeBron know”

I don’t know if I would necessarily agree with the fact that LeBron James was the most hated in the NBA. There have always been LeBron haters, but likewise, he has also had a huge fanbase follow him throughout his years in the league. Kanye has also faced some hate throughout his career but mainly remained on the top of the game. He has a lot of references to sports, but this has to be his best based on the greatness of the song, and the depth of the reference.

No. 2 50 Cent, “Many Men (Wish Death)”

“When I rhyme, something special happened every time/I’m the greatest, something like Ali in his prime”

50 Cent has many great sports references in his music, but this is arguably his greatest. 50 Cent has a very big personality and is very good at letting everybody know that he is better than them. Muhammad Ali was at the top of boxing when he was in his prime, and 50 Cent is likening himself to the greatness of prime Ali.

No. 1 Ice Cube, “It Was a Good Day”

“It’s ironic, I had the brew, she had the chronic/The Lakers beat the Supersonics”

This is arguably one of the greatest rap songs of all time. Ice Cube was on top of the game during the golden age of hip hop and lets the world know how good his days are. The Lakers got a win, and his life is good. It is very hard to make a list of the best sports references without including a song of this caliber.


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