Salt Lake City Native Stars in New Netflix Series ‘Pet Stars’ 


“Pets on Q” stars Colleen Wilson and Melissa May Curtis. (Courtesy Netflix)

By Frank Gardner, Assistant Arts Editor


Neflix’s newest original series “Pet Stars” follows Pets on Q, a talent management agency for pets. In each episode, Pets on Q founders Colleen Wilson and Melissa May Curtis take on a new adventure. Whether they’re attending the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, volunteering with animal sanctuaries or hosting an animal art auction, it’s clear they’re passionate about what they do. The show features all kinds of pets and animals and their adoring owners working hard to make a name for themselves in Hollywood and around the world.

How Pets on Q Got Their Start 

Curtis, born and raised in Salt Lake City, moved out to California with her family and met Wilson working in finance. The two of them immediately hit it off. They bonded over their love of animals and the disabled pets they both happened to care for. Colleen had long been interested in making a change in the way animals in Hollywood were treated and was working her way into the industry when she met Melissa. In 2017, the pair of them left their jobs in finance to pursue building Colleen’s burgeoning business.

Initially, their focus turned to set work. They worked on helping people find animals for productions and made sure conditions were humane. With the rise of the social media influencer industry, Pets on Q expanded to include a niche of influencer pets who they began helping build their platforms and partner with brands. Their company has changed a lot over the years, proving that they are a dynamic team capable of meeting any challenge. 

A Unique Career

These days, the big focus for Pets on Q is social media. This sector of their business has grown to be about 85% of what the team spends their time doing. It’s definitely niche, but as the influencer industry is expected to generate upwards of $10 billion this year, there’s no shortage of potential for those looking to earn a living this way. The product of this is that Pets on Q has signed more than 1,000 animals and are now working to help build their brands.

With many people forced to stay home this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, set production work slowed for Wilson and Curtis’ company. However, so many people having to stay home this year also saw the influencer industry grow tremendously. This has made for the busiest year yet for Pets on Q who are starting the summer with their Netflix series as well as launching a booking platform to connect productions with talented pets.

Philanthropy and Plans for the Future 

Wilson says their work is about “putting the animals first” and at the end of the day, Wilson and Curtis’ biggest goals are making positive changes in their industry and fostering a stronger community of pet and animal lovers. On the show you can see them working hard to reach those goals and to have fun and inspire others along the way. Colleen and Melissa’s contagious enthusiasm makes “Pet Stars” a must-watch and their work with nonprofits highlights important issues facing our world. 

You can find “Pet Stars” streaming now on Netflix and can visit Pets on Q’s website to help support their work with nonprofits.