Ranking Donovan Mitchell’s Signature Adidas Shoes


Cyan Larson

(Design by Cyan Larson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Cole Bagley, Sports Editor


Adidas Basketball wasted no time in signing Utah Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell to a signature deal after his instant stardom shortly after being drafted in 2017. Just two years after Mitchell joined the league, Adidas released the talented guard’s first-ever signature shoe with a unique Spider-Man theme, paying tribute to Mitchell’s high school nickname “Spida” which was given to him by one of his teammates’ fathers because of Mitchell’s extreme dunking abilities.

Now, two years into his contract, Adidas is preparing to release the third edition of Mitchell’s signature shoe, having produced extreme success with the previous two editions. With three editions and a plethora of colorways, Adidas has provided some truly creative and unique designs thus far. The following is a ranking of the top 10 colorways from the first three editions.

No. 10: D.O.N. Issue 1 “Iron Spider”

The first four editions of the D.O.N. Issue 1 included colorways representing several of the many different Spider-Man suits. The Iron Spider is a suit that combines Spider-Man’s iconic look with Iron Man’s gold and red colors in addition to a few extra tools included from the genius Tony Stark. The shoe reflected this suit, being primarily red with some gold accents and was first worn by Mitchell during the 2019 playoffs against the Houston Rockets. This shoe was worn in addition to Utah’s City Edition jersey which was primarily orange and red, beautifully complementing the new shoe.

No. 9: D.O.N. Issue 3 Black/White

In game four of the first-round NBA playoff series between the Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies, Mitchell debuted a brand new black and white color-way of his issue 3. While we don’t know much about this third edition, the shoe looks great with its simple black and white color-way, gold accents and newly redesigned look. While the shoe has some similarities to the Damian Lillard 5, it seems to possess its own unique patterns and designs. 

No. 8: D.O.N. Issue 3 White/Gold

Before debuting the black and white color-way, Mitchell debuted a white and gold colorway of Issue 3 in game three of the Jazz-Grizzlies series. Again, we don’t know a whole lot about this new edition, what the unique designs mean, or what the small text on the back of the shoe says, but this shoe is clean, primarily white with some gold accents. 

No. 7 : D.O.N. Issue 2 “Limitless”

Unfortunately, this shoe never hit the shelves but is easily one of the best-looking colorways of the second issue. Debuting in the NBA’s 2020 Orlando Bubble, this shoe drew a lot of fan attention with its primary white color, gray accents, and pastel colors which spelled out “limitless” on the side. This is a shoe Adidas maybe should’ve considered selling but instead kept it a player exclusive. 

No. 6: D.O.N. Issue 1 “Symbiote” 

This was another one of the first four editions, paying tribute to one of Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis Venom. Similar to Venom’s suit, the shoe is primarily black with white accents and possesses teeth on the heel, along with a pink base, representing venom’s iconic razor-sharp teeth and long tongue. This was one of the most popular colors of the first edition, selling out in seconds on multiple websites. 

No. 5 D.O.N. Issue 2 “Spidey Sense”

This was the first color-way released of Issue 2, paying homage to Spider-Man’s unique spidey sense abilities. With a bright green primary color, orange accents, and words such as “BOOM” and “POW!” on the bottom, this is one of the best tributes to the old Marvel comics.

No. 4 D.O.N. Issue 1 Spider-Man

With the first shoe in the Mitchell collection, Adidas went all out with a red and blue Spider-Man-themed kick. With white accents, including Mitchell’s signature spider logo painted white on the tongue, a basketball shoe has never looked more heroic. 

No. 3 D.O.N. Issue 2 “Ghost Spider”

In one of the alternate reality issues of Marvel’s Spider-Man, former love interest Gwen Stacey is also bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Woman or Spider-Gwen. This shoe is a perfect representation of Gwen’s superhero outfit, with a primary white base, pink accents, and on the heel blue webbing on a black base, just like the inside of her superhero hood. This is easily the most creative color-way of the second issue and potentially of all three editions.

No. 2 D.O.N. Issue 2 “Venom”

This might be the coldest design Adidas has created in regards to Mitchell’s signature shoe, fully upgrading from the first edition symbiote. With much more obvious representations of Venom’s iconic look including his white alien eyes and razor-sharp teeth, this shoe creates bonds with any host who has the courage to lace ’em up. 

No. 1 D.O.N. Issue 3 “Venom”

While we have only been given a teaser of this shoe, Mitchell recently debuted this colorway in warmups before game two of the Jazz-Grizzlies series. This edition has a very shiny look to it, similar to Venom’s look in Sony’s new Venom movie series with Tom Hardy. The teeth have moved to the upper sides, with the word “Venom” across the laces and Mitchell’s spider-logo back on top of the tongue, replacing the alien eyes. This combines the cold-symbiote look with a loud shiny accent. 


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