Ryan Caraveo’s ‘Northend Sweetheart’ Perfect For End-of-Summer Listening


Ryan Caraveo’s “Northend Sweetheart” cover art. (Courtesy of Ryan Caraveo)

By Luke Jackson


I was driving home from Park City, basking in the pinkish hue of an uncharacteristically beautiful Salt Lake City sunset with the sounds of Ryan Caraveo’s lyrical single “Ricochet” bouncing from my radio through the sky. The addition of the heartfelt song changed a relatively mundane moment into a grainy polaroid snapshot. “Ricochet” introduced me to the insanely talented Caraveo’s unique brand of music — it’s one of the four singles from his upcoming album “Northend Sweetheart” and is quite the appetizer to what I’m sure is going to be an auditory feast.

Music for Summer Listening

I had the privilege of attending a press conference with the artist through Universal Music Group’s °1824 and got to know him a little better as he promoted his new album. Going in essentially blind, I was struck by his low-key and easy-going vibe. Knowing he was a rapper, I was expecting Caraveo to have an in-your-face, bold, almost cocky attitude. Instead, Caraveo seems like the kind of guy you can just sit down and order some pizza with.

This personality shines through in his music, especially the singles from “Northend Sweetheart.” They are the kind of songs you want to play as you drive with your windows down in the middle of the night. Caraveo himself describes his music as “Manic, honest, deep and deceptively sad.” They are tunes to really listen into — songs that draw you in and transport you to an ethereal soundscape.

Caraveo’s Seamless Style

Caraveo’s introduction to rap began at the age of seven as he learned to rhyme in rap battles with his brother. Heavily inspired by Eminem and Kid Cudi, he began making his own music as a middle school student, developing a passion for poetic and lyrically intricate songs.

Although he’s always been obsessed with creating music, Caraveo is in no way classically trained. “I don’t really know how to play guitar or piano or even read music,” Caraveo said. “I just like making stuff that I think sounds cool.” This lack of formal education has not held him back in the slightest — his music carries an air of reality and honesty with a polish that immediately connects him to his listeners.

Very quickly, I became attached to Caraveo’s home-brewed, unique and seamless style and sound. Transcending genre, Caraveo’s work is all-around good music. I’m usually pretty stingy when it comes to committing to a new artist, but here I am listening to Caraveo’s impressive discography on a loop.


If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to soak up the end of summer, Caraveo is your man. “Northend Sweetheart” hits streaming services on July 30 and I suggest you throw it on your playlists. For an optimal listening experience, Caraveo said, “On your first listen through, listen to it by yourself with headphones.” While he did not explain exactly why, I would trust the guy — he knows what he’s doing.


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