Still Woozy’s Debut Album Is Everything You Could Ever Want


(Courtesy of Still Woozy)

By Luke Jackson


Sven Gasmky, the Portland based artist known as Still Woozy, finally cracked the code and released his debut album “If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is” on Aug. 13.

Not only is this album good, it’s so good that I quite literally can’t listen to it and do anything else. I had to completely turn it off to write this article because it kept transporting me to an auditory dreamscape. If I push play all I’ll want to do is curl up with a blanket and listen until time is but a leaf in the wind.

A New Direction

Up until this point, Still Woozy has only gifted us a string of singles which left fans wanting more. Originally, Sven produced all his music by himself in a garage that he described as “smelling like weird chemicals;” however, for his debut album, Sven teamed up with music producer Lars Stalfors.

Working with a friend did wonders for Still Woozy. “My brain is not very organized” he began with a smile. “Lars was like the drill sergeant.” The two would spend hours together in an Airbnb chock full of instruments experimenting with sounds and writing lyrics. As Still Woozy spoke, he would often mention Lars with gratitude and made sure we knew he was deserving of praise.

Cathartic Sounds

Having never spoken with Still Woozy before, I was touched and impressed by his genuine and gentle nature. It became clear very quickly that this was a guy who was making music because he loves it. He expressed his fondness for experimenting with sounds and melodies and using them to find catharsis.

Speaking on the track “These Days,” Still Woozy said, “I wrote the guitar part and it just helped me so much to relax I listened to it over like three times. It was like my therapy.” Later in the interview, a writer shared how she had a similar response the first time she heard the song. She mentioned that she turned it on in the car on a particularly hard day and just drove. Sven was extremely touched by this sentiment. His hands went to his face, and it was almost like a wave of relief hit him because someone else got it.

Soon after, Sven was asked what his hope was for this album, he put it simply: “I hope if there are people that struggle, they can find solace.” He continued to express how his intent was to have people take themselves less seriously and realize that even when things are rough, we don’t need to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

I have been in Still Woozy’s corner for a few years now, having been hooked early by his 2017 single “Goodie Bag.” I loved the music but didn’t know the man behind it. Granted, I was only given a brief peek behind that window with this interview, but I was given a whole new appreciation for the songs I already adored.

Still Woozy’s authenticity, kindness, and vulnerability made him impossible not to root for. His feeling-based music is fantastically unique and easy to listen too. I can’t think of a better artist and album to hitch my wagon to. If you are looking for a surplus of good vibes and good times, Still Woozy has you covered.



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