The Intoxicating Kindness of ‘Ted Lasso’


(Courtesy Apple)

By Luke Jackson


“Ted Lasso” was a show I never thought I’d watch let alone fall in love with. I had heard about the show primarily from the old people of the world (those over 30), so I naturally assumed it was like receding hairlines, Sony Walkman’s, or Tim Allen: something I wouldn’t quite get.

Regardless of my opinion “Ted Lasso” soldiered on, quickly gaining accolades from seemingly all over. With only one full season in the books “Ted Lasso” has won a Golden Globe, been nominated for a whopping twenty Emmy’s, and is sitting comfortably as the 72nd highest rated TV show of all time. Not bad for a single season and a couple episodes of television.

Still, I disregarded the accolades and pushed ol’ Ted aside. Luckily for me, the universe intervened. One of the old people I so dearly love put on the pilot episode and invited me to watch. The second I saw Jason Sudeikis’ kind eyes and mustached smile I was hooked. Less than a week later, I had devoured every episode in a frenzy that can only be described as vehement.

I loved “Ted Lasso.” Forget the passive; I love “Ted Lasso.” Each week is a desperate wait for a new episode that will undoubtedly leave me wanting more.  The question is however, why do I love “Ted Lasso?” Why do we all love “Ted Lasso?” What exactly is so refreshingly addictive about it?

A Perfect Blend

Now I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I can speak for me. I personally am a lover of the sitcom genre. I’ve seen most everything from “Schitt’s Creek” and “Rick and Morty” to “Friends” and “Big Mouth.” I’ve spent hours mindlessly consuming these goofy 25-60-minute bites. Yet “Ted Lasso” feels different to me.

What makes me fall in love with a sitcom is razor sharp sarcastic wit paired perfectly with honest heartwarming moments between flawed, lovable characters. While this formula can fit most shows, only some really hit the nail on the head. More often than not, sarcastic comedy sits in the driver’s seat while wholesome moments ride on the hump: there, but mostly in the background.

“Ted Lasso” switches this up gloriously. Heartwarming kindness drives the show while sprinkles of crass, witty humor take a powerful passenger seat. In my experience with the sitcom, this has never been done so effectively.

Spreading Kindness

Each episode of “Ted Lasso” is full to the brim of wholesome messages of believing in yourself and treating others the way you want to be treated. Brilliantly it is able to share goodness while not feeling preachy. Its kindness is pure and expects nothing in return. Best of all, this kindness is contagious, both within and outside of the show.

The spreading of kindness like wildfire within the context of the show is so much fun to watch. Characters bond and create relationships that are completely unexpected and absolutely beautiful. Even in the harshest of circumstances, “Ted Lasso” creates a family which together can withstand anything.

Another aspect that is undoubtedly brilliant is the show’s focus on mental wellbeing. Although Ted Lasso shows great kindness, he himself is still prone to anxieties, jealousies and hardships. Life isn’t easy for any of the A.F.C. Richmond family yet they meet their trials with grace and civility.

If you haven’t seen “Ted Lasso” yet, I hope this article pushes you in the right direction without giving too much away. It truly is a brilliant show, and it makes our dark world a little bit brighter. As you watch, you’ll find yourself smiling more and you’ll take an extra minute to see the good in someone. “Ted Lasso” is definitely worth the watch.

All episodes of “Ted Lasso” are available for streaming now on Apple TV+.


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