Enjoying the Spook-tacular BOOtanical Gardens at Red Butte Gardens


Jack Gambassi

Red Butte Garden decor up on Oct. 5, 2021 in advance of Halloween festivities. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By India Bown, Arts Writer


Want to end the Halloween season with a bang? The Bootanical Gardens at Red Butte Gardens bring spooky and festive energy this time of year. With the beautiful scenery of curated flowers and valley views Red Butte has to offer, it makes the perfect backdrop for Halloween festivities. 

The event perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween — with a different guest performer each week, this outdoor function connects patrons with everything from live concerts to storytellers.

With COVID-19 still being a concern for many families trying to celebrate the season, the Bootanical Gardens is the best place to safely hang out with friends and family while getting into the spirit. 

By Day and By Night

If you aren’t into the fright of Halloween, this event is perfect for you. Taking on a more kid-friendly approach, the Bootanical Gardens create a lighthearted atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy. Along with the beauty of the changing leaves and the gardens themselves, you won’t find yourself bored at Red Butte. There is so much to explore on the grounds and a lot of time to do so. As the event takes place both during the day and at night, there are two different experiences to be had at the Bootanical Gardens.

Along with the performances, the gardens are decorated with skeletons, pumpkins and lights of all different colors, setting a spooky mood for guests to experience. Being around the autumnal decor makes you want to dress up in costumes and match the Halloween scenery. In the multiple areas of the garden, different themes are set up, including witches, skeletons and vampires that showcase some elements of the season. 

Experiencing the Gardens

I attended the gardens in the evening — being able to see everything in the dark of night creates a spookier feel to a not-so-scary phenomenon. Still, there were kids staring in amazement at the glowing colors, lighting up their eyes and the night sky.

The crowds of people enjoying the spooky season enhanced the mood and created a sense of normalcy in this strange year. In the background, The Snarlin Yarns, a band with a country and folk sound took the stage and made me want to dance the night away.

Along with the live music, actors performed as fairies from Disney’s “Fairy Hollow,” giving a lot of variety for attendees to choose from. 


The events at the Garden are affordable and fun for anyone to join in, with ticket prices ranging from $13 to $18 per person. This annual event is a great way to support the Red Butte Gardens, as well as come together as a community to get into the Halloween spirit. 


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