Everyone is ‘Winnin” with Local Artist Obeeyay’s Latest Track


Cover art for Obeeyay’s newest single “Winnin'”

By Avery Greig, Arts Editor


Neon-clad local pop and R&B artist Obeeyay is celebrating his new track “Winnin,’” set to release Nov. 12.

Who is Obeeyay?

“Anywhere we go, it’s just a party,” Oba Bonner said. “So basically like, my music is a good time.”

Bonner, better known as artist Obeeyay, is Utah’s diamond ring of the local music scene. Combining electronic dance beats with soulful lyricism, Obeeyay is described as “Khalid and Cautious Clay meets Sean Kingston.”

“I want people to just have a good time when they hear my music,” says Obeeyay. “When they come to my concerts, I just want them to be amongst the crew.” But Obeeyay’s compassionate artistry did not arise ex nihilo — coming from a family of Utah “gospel legends,” Obeeyay’s career was supported by his family in a move to Los Angeles as a teen. “I had to hustle, I had to work really hard. I literally went from kid to an adult in like six months,” says Obeeyay. It was good for me because I learned how to network, and I honed my craft.”

Hard work pays off and has earned Obeeyay a steady following, as well as career-breaking performance opportunities in Utah. It’s been cool to be amongst talented musicians and talented artists, from performing at The Velour to Kilby Court. It feels good to be amongst those people, because there is a lot of talent inside of Utah.” In fact, Obeeyay performed on the opening night of the Utah Jazz’s 2019 season. “The butterflies help me perform better and sing better,” Obeeyay said, laughing.

All We Do Is Winnin’

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, Obeeyay has released tracks “Just a Fling” and “Make You Mine,” making the release of single “Winnin’” evermore anticipated. “Winnin’ is a word that’s very broad,” Obeeyay said. “You’re winning in the club, you’re winning at a party … I want people to feel like winners … No matter who you are with, you are winning in whatever space you’re in.”

This ushering of companionship is proclaimed by “Winnin,'” as the track features rapper King Los. “King Los is a special dude,” Obeeyay said. “When I got him on the record he definitely blessed the track and it just elevated the entire experience.” The two artists linked when Bonner would engineer King Los’s recording sessions. “We just kind of connected … He would freestyle in the studio for ten minutes, he just has lyrical content out the wazoo,” says Obeeyay. When Bonner approached King Los with two tracks, King Los was taken by “Winnin.’” When I played him the song he said “It’s a hit.”

No matter where you are or who you are with, soon-to-be released track “Winnin’” wants to curate your vibes to the most supreme level. The track’s bubbly beats, skilled vocals and catchy flow are sure to knock your socks off. “I just want to add to the great vibes,” says Obeeyay.


Be sure to pre-save “Winnin'” here, and to follow Obeeyay on all social media from his website.


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