State of the ASUU Focuses on Wojciechowski Presidency’s Plans, Funding


Photo Courtesy of Jess Wojciechowski.

By Vanessa Hudson, Assistant News Editor


Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 12 p.m. ASUU held a State of the ASUU event, in which the first all-female presidency discussed their roles within the student body, informed students of their current and future projects, and answered questions from students. 

ASUU Student Body President Jess Wojciechowski was elected in March 2021 and ran on the slogan, “students empowering students.”

Her staff includes Vice President of University Relations Tiffany Chan, Vice President of Student Relations Maryan Shale and Chief of Staff Sanila Math.

Wojciechowski discussed several projects in the works, including new safety initiatives, a proposition to add feminine hygiene products throughout all the restrooms on campus and more FAFSA promotions. A large part of the safety initiatives is founded in the Lauren McCluskey Foundation. 

Chan is working on an Asian American Pacific Islander resolution, which is in the early stages, and would be an initiative to “grow solidarity with Asian Pacific American students.”

She also talked about her next initiative, the ASUU Scholarship Award, which is being reworked and will give need-based scholarships to University of Utah students. According to Chan, the application can be found very soon on the ASUU website.

Also, Chan is continuing to work on the mental health initiatives started by her predecessor and gathering feedback for safety initiatives. 

Shale said she is focusing on safety issues and works with the Department of Public Safety to identify types of safety concerns.

“Those different aspects of safety, whether … it’s relationship …  violence or any type of safety, we’re really trying to [figure out] what type of safety that we should work on,” Shale said.

She expressed that there is “a lot of distress in the community regarding campus police.” Part of the safety initiative is to work with the safety office to find more ways for students to feel safe on campus.

Shale is also in contact with student media in order to create a diversity podcast because “there are some students who aren’t really accounted for on campus.” She said she hopes this diversity podcast will keep hybrid students updated on campus resources, events and community opportunities.

The event also included a question and answer portion, where students asked about how ASUU is using the budget and funding this year.

Additionally, they discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic left a freeze on the budget in previous years and the money rolled over into the Presidential Operating Fund. There are several current projects the funds can be used on.

“We’ve been brainstorming and talking to students nonstop to figure out how to use that plan [the Presidential Operating Fund],” Wojciechowski said. 

The presidency also plans on investing funds into future scholarships.

During the event, the presidency said they would not be raising student fees, and ASUU is planning on giving out scholarships next semester. 

Additionally, attendees of the meeting were hoping to learn more about the ASUU and how to get involved within the student government.

“I kind of was just more curious about … our students getting … accurate representation, especially grad students because I noticed that there wasn’t really a lot of grad positions on ASUU,” said graduate student Mason Kemp.


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This article was updated Nov. 23, 2021 to clarify the date of the State of the ASUU event. The event took place Nov. 16, not Oct. 16.