Winter Farmers Market: The Gateway

Winter Farmers Market: The Gateway

By India Bown, Arts Writer

In the heart of Salt Lake City, the downtown area is home to some amazing shopping, entertainment and food that will give you a taste of what the city has to offer. 

The Gateway is a prime example of a mall that has it all with a plethora of activities and events. Taking place from Nov. 13 to April 23, the center is holding the Winter Farmers Market every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. MST.

Hidden Gem

With the restrictions and dull moments brought on by the pandemic, why not make shopping a little bit more fun? The local goods and people at the market represent the great qualities of Salt Lake City’s community. With a mixture of baked goods, produce, fresh meat and dairy, art and apparel — the farmers market showcases vendors from all over Utah. 

Compared to a typical grocery store, the farmers market has more of a personable atmosphere and is a more eco-friendly shopping experience. Being able to buy local and sustainable items is not only better for the environment, but presents the opportunity to immerse yourself in an interactive, fun setting. 

Astra Statera: Marissa Jager

Astra Statera is an art brand created by Marissa Jager. Her work caught my attention with all the different colors and painted elements that she incorporates into each piece. “You know when you’re a kid and adults ask you what you wanna be when you’re older? I always said I wanted to be an artist,” Jager says, revealing her deep interest in art from the beginning.  

Settling on a brand name last year, the Ogden-based artist has her signature “sunset pour” which is a concoction formed for the base of her paintings that mimics the night sky the artist has seen on her travels. “I love bright, vibrant, shiny things and I want to be able to bring that to people. I feel like we’re in a dark time right now so to be able to bring light and vibrancy to people is really my ultimate goal.” Jager creates chaotic backgrounds with the paint-pour method, then balances out her work with neater desert scenes. 

Salt-Kat: Bacee

Salt Lake City-based artist Bacee has worked on his apparel and print brand Salt-Kat for the past seven years. Bacee is committed to his graphic art, which has become a full-time job. Taking inspiration from travel destinations, the artist screen prints his own designs, illustrations of things like mermaids, turtles and sharks. “I’ve always loved a little bit edgy and vintage sort of stuff and feel like there is a lot of that here, and that’s what I like and made the brand into.” Participating in sustainable fashion with up-cycled and vintage clothing, Bacee puts the life back into the vintage with his apparel.

Good Grains Gluten-Free: Laura Littman

Gluten-free Baker Laura Littman’s assortment of baked goods got her back into eating bread. Along with her own business, Littman has her products at the Local Grind, a coffee shop in Heber City, Utah.

Littman’s gluten-related health issues didn’t stop her from wanting to indulge in comfort foods she’d enjoyed before. Creating Good Grains Gluten-Free was her solution. With her gluten-free goods, the baker helps herself and others who struggle with gluten sensitivities enjoy a full variety of delicious baked goods.

Creating Community

The vendors and products aren’t the only special aspect of the Winter Farmers Market — the social interaction to be had with the sellers is a big part of getting the whole experience. Supporting the community starts with investing in each other and giving back to local businesses. The Winter Market at The Gateway is one of many ways to do this. More information on this event and others like it can be found on The Gateway’s website.


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