Caffeine Corner: Finding the Best Cup of Coffee on Campus


Drew Reynolds

Still of Brio Architecture (Photo by Drew Reynolds | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Drew Reynolds, Arts Writer


With the return to campus this semester I have found relying more and more on coffee to make it through the day. This reliance on on-campus coffee led me on a hunt to find the best cup of coffee on campus.

I traveled all over campus, visiting every coffee shop that I found online or was recommended to me. In order to keep everything consistent to fairly assess each establishment, I ordered an iced latte in my handy travel mug. 

As a college student and coffee lover, three main criteria went into each evaluation: price, flavor and wait time. Although I don’t think we should have to compromise the quality of our cup of joe for the price I realize that is normally the case.

With criteria and mug in hand, I set off in search of caffeine. Recorded below are the seemingly epic highs and lows of this journey and my personal favorite coffee shop on campus.

Honorable Mentions?

Long lines, absurd prices and bland coffee characterize the bookstore’s Starbucks, Einstein’s and Mom’s Cafe.  You are better off spending your coffee money elsewhere on campus.

All three of these locations sported high prices and lackluster coffee. Mom’s Cafe charged me over $5.00 (even with my reusable mug) for a watery, over-iced, iced latte. 

And while I normally love Starbucks and Einstein’s, the huge lines and wait time make it a hassle for those in a time crunch. This paired with the inability to get any rewards to make them not worth the wait.  


The UMFA’s Cafe and Two Creeks are both pretty solid spots. Both offer tasty coffee that is fairly inexpensive (both around $4). Both even offer discounts for reusable mugs! 

And unlike the others on this list, the UMFA and Two Creeks have that coffee shop feel. The clicking of keyboards and the smell of freshly brewed coffee give it that cozy atmosphere I am drawn to in coffee shops.

Where they fell short for me was their location. Both are located on basically the north and south tips of campus which makes them hard to get to. But overall both locations have great coffee that is relatively cheap.

The Golden Cup of Coffee

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. My personal pick that meets and goes beyond all of my criteria is Brio! Their speedy service, low prices, and tasty coffee put it at the top of my list. They offer a substantial discount if you bring your own mug which is also a plus!

I might be a little biased as Brio was my favorite coffee shop before starting this piece but they really outdo their competitors on campus. I’ve never not enjoyed a drink from Brio, whether it’s a dirty chai, mocha or just plain iced coffee — they never disappoint. 

Additionally, Brio captures the coffee shop atmosphere perfectly. Chill music, the hiss of steamed milk and an assortment of baked goods all remind me of my favorite spots off-campus. Brio also sources all of their beans from local coffee roasters which sets them apart from other cafes on campus.

This is of course not a comprehensive or complete list. Let me know if I missed your favorite coffee shop in the comments!  


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