The NHMU Explores the World Full Spectrum With New Exhibit ‘The Nature Of Color’


The Nature of Color (Courtesy Avery Greig)

By Avery Greig, Arts Editor


The Natural History Museum of Utah welcomes its newest and most vibrant exhibition to its galleries — The Nature of Color. The exhibit, organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, dives into the stories that color provides on humanity, society and the natural world alike. 

Concept of Color

Colors keep no secrets. Vast amounts of information, whether subtle or radiant, are revealed in the world’s many hues. Just past the NHMU’s open archives and hall of gems lies the new exhibit in its full, vivid glory.

The multimedia exhibition features the importance of colors in all areas of life — the intersection of colors and emotions, the creation of pigments, the vast colors of nature, cultural color values and their meanings, and the full spectrum are all found in the NHMU’s collection. Patrons can explore color and light within NASA’s signature Vantablack material, throughout global marketing strategies, in mother of pearl and butterfly wings, and across cultures worldwide, all within the solar-powered museum.

The NHMU’s close proximity to the University of Utah campus is a privilege as U students gain free museum admittance with their U cards, and should definitely take advantage of the resource.

Immersive Refractions

Beyond the exhibit’s vibrancy, museum-goers have the opportunity to interact with the show’s numerous immersive activities. Patrons have the ability to explore and produce hues through multiple color spectrum projections and even an indigo pigment creation simulator. The exhibit also sports a custom “All About Hue” virtual activity that explores personal connections between emotions and colors. Upon entry, it becomes clear that color has been turned into a tactile experience.

Bottom line — the exhibit provides ample space for educational exploration and interactive experiences for all ages in addition to tantalizingly tinted photo opportunities.

The Humanæ Project

The exhibit draws to a close with a two-wall exhibition of The Humanæ Project, a photography collection developed by artist Angélica Dass. Containing over 4,500 portraits, the project celebrates humanity in all of its diverse and brilliant shades. Individuals from over 20 countries on six continents were photographed and pasted onto industrial Pantone shades matched with the subjects’ noses. The goal of the project is to challenge stereotypes and assumptions of identity based on pigmentation. “Humanæ is a photographic work that is attempting to document humanity’s true colors, rather than the untrue labels … associated with the socially constructed concept of race,” Dass said.

The project’s exhibition is a beautiful close to the exhibit, cherishing the intricate spectrum of humanity as a parting note on the world of pigment. Color is integral to our surroundings, and whether examined artistically, scientifically, culturally or strategically, there is always new value to be found. Color has the unique ability to extend across all facets of life, and now Utahns can experience the world of color in full effect. 

Come see The Nature of Color on view from Feb. 26, 2022, until Aug. 14, 2022, by purchasing tickets here.


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